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Our founder, Bebe Mehr weighs in on the proposed NYC fur ban.

Reading this article I noticed one thing that all the “fashion players” had in common, a focus on profits. Some of it was thinly veiled concern for a loss of jobs, but what they truly care about is their loss of sales without the fur products they normally would sell. Tim Gunn was the only person to make the point that fashion, and more importantly, human beings, need to evolve.

We need to seriously start caring about other living beings and we need to care about the planet. I hope these designers, with all their creativity and experience, use this ban as an opportunity to start creating the same styles they would have made with fur using a cruelty free alternative. I would never want anyone to lose their job or suffer, but we’ve allowed animals to suffer in the name of “fashion” for far too long. I hope the legislation is passed and we continue to evolve.

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