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Monkee Genes create superior denim and apparel, carefully sourced and made with conscience. In 2006 Monkee Genes was born, launching a small denim collection built to offer something fresh to an already saturated and disposable denim market.

World Bee Day!

This week we are celebrating the bees, partnering up with the wonderful Bumblebee Conservation Trust and donating 5% of our sales to help protect our depleting Bee colonies.
Now, you might be asking – Why is Monkee Genes so excited about World Bee Day?
Bees play a big role is making Monkee Genes, in particular the organic cotton used in our production. Sadly the bee population is suffering due to a number of issues, including habitat loss and climate change.
Join us this week as we support the fabulous work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust whose vision is a world where bees can thrive, and their worth is recognised. You can read more about this incredible cause and why we’re supporting it here.
What other ways can you help save the bees?
  1. You can plant some bee-friendly plants in your garden. If you need inspiration you can sign up to Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Bee Kind Tool today! #BeeKind . Sign up here.
  2. Ditch the pesticides! Opt for natural methods of pest control instead of reaching for your typical high street pesticide.
  3. Choose organic – not only for your wardrobe but also for your food shop. If you can’t grow your own then choose to support the companies producing their food organically, this itself sends a signal to retailers as well as farmers that there is a demand for organic produce and a more conscious way of living,
  4. If you have the space, why not build your own ‘bee hotel’ and help the bee population recover from the decline in habitats over the last few years – there’s lot of examples online!
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