Created on the foundation of kindness, values and love, Angela Roi is an ethical luxury handbag brand in New York. Guided by Angela’s vision of modern classic designs and under Roi’s innovative approach for carving a niche for the brand, this young and cherished brand has thrived since 2013. Brought to existence for reasons close to the co-founders’ hearts and through the channel they felt vehemently towards: Bringing virtue to the world with the splendor of fashion. Angela Roi believes that the goodness of people has the calibre to alter the globe for the better. With the grandeur of luxury and within the realm of humanity, the hope is to pave a path of altruism and to promisingly transform the way of the fashion industry. With constant evolution, sustained originality, evergreen inspiration, Angela Roi presents the epitome of premium quality, impeccable craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail. Explore the Angela Roi’s journey, walk along with the brand.

The imprisonment, slavery, torture and murder of other animals occurs on a colossal scale in the name of greed and those that oppose it are currently in the overwhelming minority. Only by spreading the concepts of empathy, love and truth can we help others understand that we must make a change for our health, our planet and those that share it with us. Anticarnist is run by a single vegan activist hoping to use their experience in illustration, graphic design, marketing and retail towards the goal of a more compassionate world. 10% of all online profits are donated to FRIEND Animal Rescue in Kent. FRIEND is a working animal sanctuary with around 100 farm animals and companion animals. They offer a no kill, free roaming (as far as possible and safe) home to cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, cats, dogs and over 30 pigs.

Hello Adventureres! My name is Hannah Davis, Founder of BANGS Shoes -- an adventure inspired footwear company created to make the world a better place. Our slogan: Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs. BANGS Shoes are modeled after simple work boots worn by workers and farmers I discovered while teaching English in China. Our shoes were built to maintain this same classic feel while supporting you on your everyday adventures. The name BANGS comes from the Chinese character for "help", but over time BANGS Shoes has become so much more than footwear for a cause. We are photographers, entrepreneurs, hikers, musicians, painters, graphic designers, baristas, CEOs, bikers, and more. Adventure means something different to each and every member of our community. With a social mission that invests in entrepreneurs around the world and a brand Ambassador Program focused on encouragement and connection, BANGS Shoes has found a way to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries and focus on uplifting people. The BANGS Shoes vision: provide footwear to cultivate a meaningful community with lasting impact. Here's to using your adventures to help others! Excited to keep building. #liveBANGS, Hannah How they're made! BANGS Shoes were created after our founder taught English in China and discovered simple shoes worn by workers and farmers. Inspired by their look and the hard-working people who wear them, we crafted a simple shoe built to carry you from one adventure to the next. Our shoes are responsibly cut, sewn, and stitched inside a highly reputable, family-owned factory in Asia using ZERO animal bi-products. That's right! Our shoes are 100% vegan. Our factory goes above and beyond to treat their employees with care and respect, enforcing fair wages, working hours, and a 1.5 hour lunch. They even recommend a nap during this long lunch break! (SIGN US UP.) We are proud to work with a manufacturing company whose internal culture matches the standards of our own. Watch the #liveBANGS factory experience here!

STYLE We believe in the power of self expression, especially through fashion. Our design team scours the globe for inspiration and delivers the very latest each season. COMFORT Shoes that feel as great as they look. From OrthoLite® padding to our patented down curve, every pair of BC shoes comes loaded with our signature comfort features. VEGAN We want to do our part to make the world a kinder place, so all BC shoes are made of 100% cruelty-free components and are PETA-certified vegan.

Founded in 2014 based on the belief that fashion and ethics aren't mutually exclusive, we offer over 60 independent designers and 15 different searchable ethics focused on eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sweatshop-free styles for conscientious women. Everything we sell meets the criteria of being thoughtful to animals, people, and the world through our carefully curated selection of hand-picked designers and products including: Fair Trade Made in America Organic Vegan Female Founder Giving Back OUR VALUES We believe that fashion should make you feel good. All of our styles are from independent designers and are free from the exploitation of people, animals, and our planet. We believe you should be comfortable with what you wear, shopping with confidence that your purchases are supporting policies and choices working to make the world a little bit better place. We believe in practicing what we preach. We value fair wages so we pay our interns. We value recycling so we use recycled (and recyclable!) shipping supplies. And we value animals so we are a 100% vegan, 100% vegan-owned company. We believe in giving back. Along with our Charity of the Month program to give back to causes around the world with a portion of each sale, we are active in our local community through the quarterly Suiting & Style Drive with the Downtown Women’s Center and a sponsor of the annual Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser which this year raised over $31,000 to fight human trafficking. We believe that when you shop you are voting for the kind of world you want, and we want to offer you a better kind of world.

Beckons organic yoga clothing is operated by Denalee Bell, but was created in 2006 by designer Becky Prater, a Denver, Colorado resident with a passion for the power of clothing… its ability to make people feel, dramatically alter how they act, and change how they are perceived. When Becky created Beckons, she did so with the goal of creating every garment to be her customers’ favorite piece by using color, organic fabric and intentional words. Having developed a passion for yoga and its ability to offer peaceful respites from her high-energy life, Becky decided to design a line of clothing that is extraordinarily comfortable, versatile, and representative of the yoga lifestyle. She creates clothing that fits comfortably and does not have to be readjusted after each yoga move. The sizing is based on traditional women's wear so that you do not have to size up to fit in Beckons yoga clothing. Each Beckons organic yoga clothing garment represents an aspect of yogic life through the small intention tag that contains a word representing an intention, such as strength, grace, wisdom, integrity, love, joy, peace, courage or balance. Using the powers of attraction, we believe wearing these words on our bodies beckons this quality to our life.

As Thomas Edison in XIX century, our light bulb turned on: we decided to create a product for all kind of people, mixing fashion and sustainability and without involving animals. And.. voilá! We create Beflamboyant. Having as references our ideals (love for animals, the environment and gender equality) we try to bring out the best in ourselves every day so that you, who are behind this screen, also think and realize that in the fashion industry we must also be responsible with the environment.

Fret not! No humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our vegan shoes. We are an ethical footwear label, passionately doing what we can to trade in a manner that is kind to our fellow humans, animals and wherever possible our precious planet. This way of working makes perfect sense to us because we are passionate about making a difference whilst staying true to our philosophy; that of creating gorgeous, empowering footwear for discerning, style-led ladies. We work closely with our factories in Spain so we are confident that no-one is exploited in the creation of your lovely shoes and endeavour to source our components and fabrics as locally to our factories as we possibly can to try and reduce our carbon footprint. Better still, each season sees the introduction of a new and exciting eco-friendly fabric making our unique and fabulous shoes even more desirable to you eco-conscious fashionistas. We source only the finest and most luxurious fabrics, making our shoes kind and comfy for your feet. Plus, each season sees the introduction of new and exciting eco friendly fabrics as they become more readily available for us to get our hands on. Essentially, we are wildly dedicated to proving that fashion and ethics can go hand in hand! Put a guilt free spring in your step and be the change you wish to see in the world.

he victims of the current fashion system have no voice. We do not believe it is necessary to use leather for premium footwear, and have always been and will always be an animal free company. In addition, we believe that a truly compassionate approach to design needs to go beyond using leather alternatives to include the environment, working conditions, and finally to protect you, our loyal supporters and of course your feet. Let's take a minute to explain who these victims of the fashion system are. There is more to our mission of ethical footwear than meets the eye. 1. Fashion Victim #1, the animals. Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals, at Bhava we embrace the challenge of finding the most beautiful, durable and innovative materials for our footwear that is not derived from animals. From organic cotton linings, to hand painted "reptile" embossed cork, our creative director Francisca, travels throughout Europe and India to develop our signature fabrications. 2. Fashion Victim #2, the planet. No other industry associated with the fashion industry comes close to the devastation that the leather industry creates. In 2013 The Blacksmith Institute found Hazaribagh, an area in the capital of Bangladesh to be rated among the five worst toxic zones in the world. These skins are exported for finishing to Europe, China, and the US. There is no requirement for transparency of origin of skins. When you purchase leather goods country of origin only states where the shoes have been assembled, so there is virtually no way to verify the sustainability of most leather goods. 3. Fashion Victim #3, the workers. Bhava stands to to protect the health of the workers. Proponents of cheap labor say that any job is better than no job. We disagree, if a person's job exposes them to toxins such as chrome and the many heavy metals used in tanneries, you are not only compromising the environment, but the workers who are often women of child bearing age. The consequences of the exposure of these toxins to future generations is not yet quantifiable, but at Bhava it's not a gamble we want to take part in. 4. Fashion Victim #4, you. Shows like Sex and City popularized running around the concrete streets of NYC in stilettos. Based in New York, we also love running around NYC, however we don't love the idea of long term disfiguration, pain, sprained ankles and the many other misfortunes of poor quality footwear. We don't produce a single pair of Bhava shoes without a thorough NYC test drive for comfort and durability. Our timeless designs are meant to last for years, and all our styles are constructed with repairable soles. You may consider adding our eco-friendly shoe care kit to your shopping cart. If you're new to the topic of ethical fashion we highly encourage you to watch The True Cost (free on Netflix). In addition you can participate in the annual Fashion Revolution Day events around the world. For more info visit as well as the up and coming international events by Ecosessions. We don't believe that any human is born with the intention to harm, and with love, compassion, and patience awareness will spread. However please keep the following quote in mind when reaching out to enlighten others: "You can have no influence over those for whom you have underlying contempt." - Martin Luther King All the passion and hard work in the world won't put a stop to the suffering of the world if we approach this discussion with a closed heart. Please find your path to stay open, loving, and forgiving and the world will change before your very eyes. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Bhava and ethical fashion. Below is more info about our company and founder. BHAVA is an innovative women's footwear brand founded by designer Francisca Pineda. In its third year of business, Bhava continues to set a new standard in footwear design by sourcing the highest quality artisan, organic, recycled and cruelty free components. The Bhava aesthetic represents timeless elegance with a dose of ingénue charm. Fashion forward with a keen understanding of the all-day comfort required by today's modern lifestyle, each pair is tested for long term wear in the roughest of urban terrain, New York City. With an emphasis on hand craftmanship our design team works closely with artisans to create products that appeal to its highly discerning customers around the world. Founded with dedication towards a sustainable business model, the working conditions of our manufacturing partners have been personally vetted. Working from our atelier in Mumbai or Spain each Bhava shoe is exquisitely hand-crafted utilizing the best of both traditional and cutting-edge technologies and components. Bhava's founder, Francisca is a graduate of Parsons School of Design with almost two decades of experience working as a fashion designer. Fully committed to ethical and environmentally conscious design, Francisca teaches Ethical Fashion and Sustainable Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. As founder of the Ethical Fashion Academy she is committed to inspiring designers and future entrepreneurs in the Ethical Fashion Academy's annual Ethical Fashion retreat. Francisca is frequently in demand as a speaker on ethical fashion at regional and international industry events and educational conferences.

OUR STORY WHERE HAVE WE BEEN? Established/Founded 2005, Our History, BB Yesterday Since Alicia founded BB in 2005, Bourgeois Boheme has grown into so much more than just another shoe brand. Ex-podiatrist and long-time vegan, Alicia intertwined her foot care expertise with her love for shoes to create the animal-free classic styles she was struggling to find. Originally an online marketplace for vegan fashion accessories, Alicia later created her own branded footwear, and BB as we know it today was born. From that day, Alicia vowed to maintain an independent business true to her founding quest to create perfect vegan shoes without compromise of quality, finish, or design. All BB shoes are Vegan Society trademarked and PETA approved. WHERE ARE WE NOW? BB Today Today, BB is one of the most established vegan footwear brands out there, still small, and independent, as we like it! We personally ensure that all our brand-exclusive styles are ethically made, using the best innovative, eco-friendly and vegan materials, by our hand-picked artisans in Portugal. At BB, we believe that a good vegan shoe should be about more than just excluding animal materials, so we are passionate about championing slow fashion and challenging the stereotype of leather-free footwear. By combining our love for animals, people, and the environment, we create shoes that truly celebrate all aspects of life. Our increasing fan base includes vegan celebs such as Natalie Portman, Bryan Adams and Torrey DeVitto. WHERE ARE WE GOING? BB Tomorrow As a sustainably-minded footwear company, we are constantly striving to better ourselves for our customers and our planet. We are working to make our supply chain more transparent and even kinder to the environment. We recognize that we are not perfect, but we are continually increasing our efforts to minimize our footprint as much as possible, while maintaining the durability, quality, comfort, and style of our footwear. WHAT'S IN OUR NAME? Behind the lotus Unconventional sophistication – this is what Bourgeois Boheme means to us. Although our name may sound like a contradiction, it makes perfect sense to us. Our name, our shoes, and our culture represent the bridging together of two opposites – “bourgeois”, the conventional middle class, and “bohemia”, the culturally avant-garde. The lotus flower reflects our ethos in everything we do. Traditionally a significant symbol in Buddhist culture, it represents purity, beauty, love, compassion, and awakening – all elements woven into BB’s core. SIMPLY PUT – WE MAKE GOOD SHOES IN A GOOD WAY. “We believe that a good vegan shoe should be about more than just excluding animal materials.” Alicia Lai, Founder

Ethical Fashion is not an aesthetic. It is a methodology. Brave GentleMan simply applies this method to classic menswear aesthetics. We don't believe animals belong in the fashion production system, or any industrial system for that matter. We believe that people making our clothing and growing, developing or processing our materials deserve respect and dignity through safe conditions and a living wage. We believe that ecosystems should not be destroyed in order to make fashion. We believe that the increasing velocity of "fast-fashion" is one very visible manifestations of a much larger and deeper problem. We don't think Brave GentleMan is a final solution, but it is a means by which to invest in systems that we believe should flourish and ultimately replace more problematic systems. We believe that how products are made supersede any marketed "story". Most of our clothing is made in New York City's historic garment district using things like Brazilian future-wool tweeds and twills made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester, velvety Turkish future-silk made from recycled water bottles. Our footwear and accessories are constructed in Italian future-leather - a durable, supple, weather resistant, hi-tech microfiber that is EU-Ecolabel Certified. Shirts are made with organic cotton. Buttons are made from corozo (tagua nut) and dyes are low-impact. Brave GentleMan's palette of materials is constantly in flux as we grow, as our buying-power and collaborations increase, and as we gain information about new materials that are available. Our goal is to use the highest-peformance materials with stringent aesthetic criteria that meet a set of ethical and environmental standards. We are excited for the day that biofabricated, biosynthetic and cellular agriculture products become available to us. While those are in development, we focus on minimally impactful, vegan, recycled, organic and high-tech sustainable materials.

Marisa, the creative entrepreneur behind the Carry Courage started the brand in the spring of 2018 after years of feeling burned out and uninspired in her office job. After she took this leap of courage into entrepreneurship she realized there were so many other women feeling the same way she was. And so she started out to inspire other women to pursue the courage to live their dreams along with her. Carry Courage began as an outlet for Marisa's creativity and has quickly become a pioneer of the sustainable fashion movement that creates organizing solutions for intentional women. Their goal is to seek out buttery soft, earth conscious materials like cork fabric and linen and hand sew them in their Oregon studio into natural cosmetic bags, essential oil bags, and tech organizers. Their maker based business allows them to have the most control over fair labor practices, as well as the heirloom quality their customers have come to know us for. All their items are created in small quantities with the highest attention to detail. Marisa is a Pacific Northwest transplant living my dreams in Portland, Oregon along with her husband, son, daughter, and feisty black cat and she looks forward to sharing this journey with you!

Ceibo is a small independent vegan brand created by Maria Cadena in Houston, Texas in 2016. Its name refers to the Ceibo tree, one of Maria’s favorite trees which grows along the Pacific coast in Ecuador. Maria is a self-taught designer from Guayaquil, Ecuador who moved to Houston during 2014. She has a major on Marketing and Economics and started designing women accessories nine years ago when she created her first brand back home. All products are designed and handmade by Maria at her home studio in Houston, dedicating several hours in designing, cutting, sewing and assembling each Ceibo item. This results in the production of small batches per month. For example, a mini circle bag can take up to three hours and 30 minutes from cutting to final assembling. This ‘slow approach’ encourages taking time to ensure quality production and gives a personal value to each product. Ceibo is an animal friendly brand. No animal-based materials are used in the manufacturing of any product. We are constantly looking for new and better materials, not just vegan but also eco-friendly. We are currently working with an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaves (Piñatex) 100% eco-friendly, sustainably-source and cruelty free.

The Problem In today’s fashion industry, we see two main focuses; straight size and plus size. However, the average-sized woman is between a size 8 and 14 – falling into neither category. So why are fashion designers continuing to ignore the ladies in the middle? It’s clearly time for something new. Our Solution That’s where Coco Cooper comes in – out to celebrate what it means to be healthy, sexy and confident today. We carefully designed, developed and cut premium jeans that will work for your curvy shape. We added luxurious stretch fabric, a booty-enhancing design, and chic details to create the perfect pair of jeans for you and your curves. Why Denim? Denim and fit are our passion. We believe that every woman should own the perfect jean– a blank canvas to express her individuality through style. Jeans are a staple. An investment piece meant to last. That’s why we put our heart and soul into creating a flawless pair for you. Years of Denim and Fit Expertise After years of experience in the industry, we know what it means to create a great product. From the luxe fabric imported from traditional mills in Europe to the responsible manufacturing in Los Angeles, we choose carefully and pay attention to detail. Because you deserve it.

When Patrick and Stephanie met on a blind date in college, they discovered they shared the joy of the unexpected as well as a love of animals and the beauty of the world around them. After moving to the Los Angeles area, they became involved in dog rescue and from that experience began to look for other ways they could help animals in need. The more they looked into issues surrounding animal protection and animal rights, the more they realized that the effort to make the world a kinder, better place for all its inhabitants begins with the choices we make in our own lives and to let those choices be guided by compassion. We affect the ability of people to be treated fairly and ethically by the companies we choose to buy from and the policies we support. We respect our environment and strive to protect it by the materials we use, how we dispose of our refuse and how we interact with nature that surrounds us. We direct the fates of billions of animals used for food and fashion and research by what we consume and what we wear. We are complicit in their abuse if we turn a blind eye. They began to look for ways to advocate on behalf of animals for compassion and kindness - how they could use their voices for the voiceless. This evolution resulted in their decision to go vegan in 2004. The more they learned, the more imperative the evolutionary journey became as they realized that their choices in life affected the lives of others. Being vegan, they learned, means compassion and causing no harm to either animals or people and protecting the earth. They are inspired by the passionate people - the warriors who fight for animal rights, the people who stand up for the defenseless, the rescuers who seek to help the lost and wounded and the artists who use their talents to move hearts and minds to open up to the beauty and value in all living beings. At home they have their own motivational team, full of love and exuberance, they can always count on their six dogs and one turtle for the healthiest dose of animal joy and inspiration. They believe that passion + compassion + respect + inspiration + love = a beautiful world.

about the brand Cri de Coeur is a luxury accessories brand established in 2008 by Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow. Named from the French expression that translates literally to "cry from the heart," Cri de Coeur symbolizes our heartfelt desire to change the face of the fashion footwear and accessory markets by providing stylish, contemporary products that are ethically produced from harvest to high-street. The Collection consists of the highest quality vegan materials – including Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics, eco-PU that’s low-VOC, breathable and biodegradable, organic cotton, hemp and reclaimed wood and is committed to choosing vendors who abide by our ideals of earth-friendly manufacturing processes and fair treatment of workers. Perhaps the most exciting emerging fashion designers of the Green movement, Cri de Coeur has the industry talking and is quickly becoming a favorite of downtown starlets who appreciate their signature brand of cruelty-free elegance. Loyal fans include Anne Hathaway, Lake Bell, Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone and Elle Fanning. In the four years since its inception, Cri de Coeur has received high praise including being named one of the top 10 eco-designers in the Huffington Post. Cri de Coeur offers what these girls do best – impeccable design that is cruelty-free from start to finish. mission The choices we make as designers, manufacturers and consumers can have an enormous impact on the lives of animals, humans and our environment. Our mission is to help ethical fashion saturate the future market of retail by exciting a dialogue that will demand that these ideals be met industry-wide – because the planet and its inhabitants depend on it. There is a shift in attitude about how consumers define “style”, with a growing awareness of the increase of pollution, deforestation, global warming, and resource depletion that is rapidly destroying the planet. The simplest way to help reverse these devastating effects is to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This goes beyond the dinner plate. Taking personal responsibility for not only what goes inside our bodies but for what we put on the outside of our bodies is crucial to our survival. This is how Cri de Coeur hopes to help redefine what it means to have “style”. This shift in attitude is palpable, with a growing awareness across the globe. Please join Cri de Coeur in helping to make a difference. the designers Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow are downtown New York designers whose brand includes a women’s collection of shoes and accessories. Moving to New York City on separate paths to pursue the life as artists, their parallel lives, pursuit of sustainable style and love of animals finally brought them together as fashion soulmates. Their collaboration began after their studies at Parson’s New School of Design to provide girls like them a vegan alternative to the leather and wool that permeates the fashion industry. Inspired by the music and art that pulses through the city, Gina and Julie strive to develop unique designs that embrace their ideals of the future of fashion. Arden Wohl is a Renaissance girl: philanthropist, filmmaker, pastry chef, and socially conscious activist, she infuses her every passion with intellect, zeal, and inimitable style. As a true ingénue with distinct personal sense of style, famed for her eccentric fashion choices (and enviable headbands), Arden has played muse to a host of design houses and now the uptown girl with downtown style adds designer to her growing resumé, due to her new collaboration with ethical contemporary accessory line Cri de Coeur. Motivated by a love for high design and a desire to bring environmental awareness to the fashion industry, artists and activists Julie Dicterow and Gina Ferraraccio formed accessory label Cri de Coeur (French for “cry from the heart”) in 2008. The brand quickly shot to pioneer status in the eco-fashion industry, and the duo soon found themselves leading the dialogue on eco-design in the fashion world. Cri de Coeur proudly uses only the most low-impact materials (reclaimed wood, organic hemp, and Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics) to create the most sought-after, cruelty-free accessory line in the world.

The choice for cruelty-free footwear doesn't mean you need to sacrifice beauty or elegance. Cult of Coquette has created a conscious line of shoes that are chic AND ethical. With a simple goal, Cult of Coquette set out to fill the void in a market that often provided very few options for the growing number of women who are both style-savvy and socially conscious. They've just begun their journey with the release of their collection in late 2018, and want you to come along. A letter from the owner, Bebe: In 2008, as the owner of a boutique in Tucson, Arizona, I made the decision to stop eating meat and make an effort to sell only cruelty-free fashions. It was then that I realized what an immense void there was in the market for items that were stylish, high quality, cruelty-free AND ethically made. In 2014, after moving to Los Angeles, I decided to start Coquette and make the Louboutin-esque pumps I always adored using cruelty-free materials. The first collection consisted of the Azar pumps in 10 colors using all vegan materials. The response was amazing, thanks to the support and strength of the Vegan community. I decided to take some time to learn more about the design and shoe making process, and to find a factory that shared my beliefs and vision for an ethically based company. In 2018, I was lucky enough to not only find that, but one that was also 100% woman owned! Officially re-named "Cult of Coquette", our first collection included 6 styles in variety of colors and materials. We continue to release new styles regularly to keep up with our customers tastes and requests. I appreciate all the incredible support; Past, Present and Future.

We have a daily commitment: to improve the sustainability of our company with full respect for the animals, the environment in which they live and the people who live there. For us, doing Moda means being responsible for our actions and honest with our customers. Each collection is carefully studied by our team to ensure the creation of comfortable, beautiful and environmentally friendly and animal-friendly garments. Save the Duck is an ethical and smart company, with an eye to the future, not only to intercept new trends and transform them into avant-garde collections, but above all to travel towards a common goal: to live in a completely animal cruelty free world . For this reason our garments are 100% animal free and do not allow the use of feathers, leather, leather or fur. They are designed to be the perfect travel companions for all globetrotters around the world. Pocketable and comfortable, they are easy to fold into the bag. Perfect to pack for any destination and travel opportunity, adapting perfectly to any season.

DENISE ROOBOL a vegan bag & accessory brand from Rotterdam. | Academy | After 4 years of studying at the Willem de Kooning Design Academy, Denise Roobol (26), developed a strong vision where fashion and nature become more close than ever. With this vision in mind she decided to start her own brand. | Concept | Minimalistic and functional design in combination with the usage of vegan materials make Denise an absolute earlybird. She wanted to create something new in order to convince & inspire people showing that fashion accessories can be vegan friendly. | Vegan | Denise Roobol only uses high-tech vegan materials coming from the surroundings of Hong Kong, an area that has the lead in developing high quality vegan materials. By the usage of this new material, she encourages others that it is definitely possible to have fashionable vegan products. | Stories | While designing, Denise creates a world around her products inspired by different lifestyles and places. Eventually, all bags have their own story with a matching name. DENISE ROOBOL is a PETA approved vegan brand!

Our Story Inspired by art, architecture, movies, vintage jewelry, the runways, and (our favorite muse) color, Deux Lux strives to bring grace and whimsy to every collection in a way that is accessible to all women. Deux Lux bags are always designed with the word "happy" in mind and their universal appeal is the reason they can be found the arms of women from Tulsa to Tokyo. Deux Lux is carried in boutiques and stores across the country and internationally, and has been featured in blogs, television shows and magazines from Oprah to Lucky to InStyle. Stay tuned... Proudly Woman Owned Launched in 2005, Deux Lux is the combined vision of Fati Mahdavi (aka "Mama") and Sara Naghedi. This multi-generational team created a timeless line and found quick success. Sara and Mama are excited to ferry the same inspirations that have shaped the signature style of deux lux to bring sparkle to shoes, allure to accessories and wonder to all women. Glamorous + Cruelty Free Deux Lux bags are glamorous (with pearl and crystal adorned clutches), edgy (featuring studded rock-inspired messengers), flirty (including colorful sequined totes), and ethical (in honor of our mascot, Dylan--a lovable chocolate lab--we use animal-friendly synthetics in our designs).

“Born from a relentless passion for plant-based living” Earth Supply is a two-person operation born from a relentless passion for plant-based living. As a young couple of lean (and by lean, we mean broke) entrepreneurs, we started this company after graduating from college, both while working full-time jobs. Our ultimate goal is not to make money. We strive to perpetuate the fundamental principle of veganism: To love, sustain, and heal the earth and its inhabitants. You and I both know that the world is in dire need of change. And while it might not be the only solution to create the compassionate, efficient, and rational world we all desire, veganism is undoubtedly one of the most effective vehicles for that change. At Earth Supply may not have the capital and influence of larger companies, but we stand wholeheartedly behind our products: We source from responsible, WRAP-certified manufacturers All fabrics are PETA-approved & certified cruelty-free Each product & design is custom-made with love Our customer service is sincere, responsive, and always accessible And we are always looking for ways to improve our company. To substantiate our dedication to perpetuating a plant-based lifestyle, we also fully commit to donating 10 cents of every dollar we make to reputable charities who advance sustainable living for people, animals, and the planet. And while our ultimate goal is large, we haven't forgotten why you came here: to find the highest quality, vegan-inspired clothing on the web-- without the fluff and digital baggage found on other online stores. So for you, what that means is simple: No spam No ads No bull Only premium, cruelty-free vegan inspired clothing designed for those who share our spirit for love and compassion. That's it. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or even if you would simply like to know more about our story, contact us ( or DM us on Instagram @_earthsupply (give us a follow too, we post content every day). - With the utmost love & appreciation Sav & John

WHO IS E.B.A? E.B.A IS MORE THAN A NAME, IT IS A MISSION As a child I have always loved nature. It was the greatest place for me to imagine wonderful and impossible things. The first impossible thing I would pretend is that I was an animal. I was so convinced I wanted to be an animal that I tried to convince my mom to let me eat dinner in a bowl on the ground. And the animal I wanted to be always changed, but usually it was some kind of big cat. The neighborhood kids use to ask me everyday what animal I was and I would enthusiastically tell them what animal I was that day. So it was pretty natural that I wanted to be in nature all the time. During my childhood my family always camped during the summer so I got to explore some amazing forests, lakes, and rivers. During our camping trips I would find a tree to try and climb, sometimes it would take me a whole day to figure out how to climb it, but when I finally did, you couldn't get me out of it. So naturally the environment has been my favorite place since I was a kid. As a grew up I always did my best to be sustainable, but it was just second nature to me, that's how I was raised. You recycled everything you could, you didn't liter, you grew vegetables, even it is was herbs in a little window pot, it never occurred to me that that might be abnormal to others. I had an inherent respect to the environment that took such good care of me as a child. When I started designing EBA totes I initially focused on price and functionality. That was really why I designed the bag in the first place, because I wanted a bag that was more functional then what I could find on the market. Then I started doing some research on materials, and I was horrified by what I found. The more I read, the worst I discovered, there was no traceability for fabrics, most were made from toxic chemicals, and made by people in horrible working conditions. To see images of workers in India with bleached arms and legs from the process of using the chrome tanning process and the toxic runoff from leather and fabric factories was shocking. It was an eye opener and I realized I did not want my bags to be just another cheap toxic accessory, I knew I could do better. It became by personal mission to make EBA totes sustainably and ethically. A functional bag made with sustainable materials and ethically in the USA. I wanted to pay workers a fair wage and create a product that's made to last, not just some quick cheap item that would fall apart in a year. And it was a lot to take on, i'm the first to say that I am still not as sustainable as a business as I want to be, but everything is a work in progress. I believe that people are waking up to the truth that cheap and mass produced doesn't solve our problems. That large corporations that aren't transparent that hide in their high rises will not make our world better. It needs to start with me using the tools and modern innovations to create things that are just better. Better for us, the world, and each other. So what does EBA stand for? EBA stands for Emmaly, Barbara, and Ashley. Myself, my mother, and my sister the crazy women of the Knecht family. My mother Barbara has taught me to respect the world and others and to never give up. My sister Ashley has shown me how to stay strong through hard times and how to create the perfect "themed" party costume. My mission is simple. Create a fabulous functional bag using sustainable and ethical principals. So far so good. FUNCTIONALITY IS KEY The lack of functionality and versatility in tote bags was an issue I wanted to solve when designing EBA totes,. In my personal life I experienced owning tote bags that were stylish but not functional or functional, but not stylish. I would find myself digging endlessly for misplaced items and found it frustrating when I needed two bags to keep my personal items separate from my work, gym or travel items. And I hated that I could not store any water bottles for fear of spills. THESE DESIGN ISSUES WERE RESOLVED BY TWO ELEMENTS: A WATERPROOF LINING AND SEPARATE COMPARTMENTS All totes feature two large compartments designed to store all the necessities. The first compartment features two pockets. One 11" pocket with a magnetic snap and a 9" zipper pocket. Perfect for keeping your belongings organized. The second compartment is designed to store larger items like books, a lab top or gym clothes. It only features an elastic bottle holder. All totes are lined with a recycled waterproof material to prevent damaging your tote from any spills. SUSTAINABILITY IS MY MISSION We only have one planet and sustainability has always been a key focus in my life. I made sure to choose fabrics that were sustainable, made or sourced, and vegan. The faux PU leather is made by Ultrafabrics, a company that highlights sustainable standards both in manufacturing and materials. They are Greenguard Certified and recycle 99% of their waste during manufacturing. Unlike most PVC and some PU faux leathers this does not have a hard plastic faux feel. This vegan leather is soft and buttery that feels comfortable on your body but durable enough to resist mildew, water, stains, and wear and tear. The waterproof lining is made from a recycled plastic, creating less energy to manufacture, and it utilizes recycled material that would otherwise be discarded to a landfill. My weaved bags are a combination of 100% linen and blends. Linen is a more sustainable fabric that uses less chemicals and energy to produce. And I am excited to use more weaved materials that are recycled and organic, making future lines feature only sustainable materials. I have always highlighted that I can do better. The goal is to make each new production of EBA totes more sustainable and zero waste, while highlighting new exciting materials that are innovated, sustainable, and vegan. MANUFACTURED IN THE USA In order to keep the tote bags as hand crafted and high quality as possible, staying in the USA for manufacturing was a must. I have hired two amazing seamstresses made each bag for EBA. Elizabeth is in Michigan and will sew all the totes, and Megan is a Santa Barbara local who will sew all the makeup and travel bags. I plan on continuing to keep the production of eba totes small to make sure the quality never falters, and to give customers confidence they are buy a bag that makes sustainability, quality, and ethicality a top priority.

Established in 2010, ECOVIBE is the collaboration of the combined visions of Leonard and Andrea Allen, aka "Len and Dre". ECO: Focused on the environment and sustainable, ethical practices. VIBE: The feeling, the style, the look, the energy, and the experience. We take time and care to consider where and how things are made, who makes them and what they are made out of. We support local designers, women, minority and family owned businesses and small makers and manufacturers. We are a community-focused business that gives back to local environmental organizations through community-based events, classes and workshops. We donate 1% of all of our online sales to local non-profit 1% For The Planet members, in order to ensure that we are always giving back to environmental causes. We believe living a sustainable lifestyle shouldn't be a privilege. It should be accessible to all. And it’s not just ONE THING. It’s the people. It’s the products. It’s the vibe. It’s the conscious mindset. It’s #ECOVIBESTYLE

Where do clothes come from? How does cotton become a t-shirt? Who does the work, and under what conditions? These are the simple questions that often go unasked--and unanswered--by many of today's top clothing brands. ETHCS is different. We care. And we know you care. We care about looking good, and we believe no one should suffer for it. The workers who produce our clothes are protected under the Fair Wear Foundation, which means: X No child labor X No forced labor X No employee discrimination X No excessive work hours O Safe and healthy working conditions O Fair living wage O Legal labor contracts O Freedom of association Fair Wear Foundation Logo None of the bad. Just the good stuff. Playful, ethical activism where everyone wins. Shop with us and look great--guilt free. We pride ourselves on high quality goods. Not only is Organic Cotton better for the environment, it feels better than cheap cotton and holds its colour and shape better wash after wash. We produce clothing that lasts and our customers know this! We use little packaging and no frills with our products. You're buying our clothing for the ethics in production, the message and the quality. We don't use fancy swing tags or over-the-top labelling. We keep it to a minimum and let the products speak for itself. We thank you for your faith in our service and for supporting our brand. Sincerely, Tim Shieff, founder

With sustainability and luxury as the cornerstones of our brand, we wanted to use a material that yielded a premium product that could be sustainably sourced and was environmentally-friendly. Cork was our solution. The cork we use comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. The majority of the Worlds cork is found in rural areas throughout Portugal. To harvest the bark, we employ local Portuguese cork farmers who carefully hand-harvest the trees every 9-10 years. This process actually helps our trees grow faster and live longer. A cork tree can live up to 300 years. The aged cork bark allows us to yield the highest quality textile. Our cork fabric looks and feels just like premium leather, while being lighter, softer and even more durable. Other materials we use include organic cotton for our liners, vegan glues and all-natural vegetable dyes. Furthermore, our products are vegan approved and no harmful chemicals used.

All products are suitable for vegans. Most apparel we print on is made by American Apparel, which was recognised by PETA as best vegan-friendly clothing company in the world. The two other apparel makers we are working with are Gildam and AWD. They are using resources that are sustainably grown, ethically harvested, have a strong commitment to reduce their environmental footprint and also have a strong ethical labour policy. Our products are designed in and printed in London (apart from the aprons, they are produced in the US) and all are using ink that is suitable for vegans. I am the creative behind the designs and my brother Georg does all the programming, so we work together really well! And it's always been my dream to produce my own fashion line. On top of that we are hoping that this will help at least in part support my recipe blog. Happy shopping and we hope you enjoy the designs!

FABLOU was born out of true passion for handbags. For us a handbag is the ultimate accessory, an accessory that should represent your personality, style and be your most trusted companion, at the end of day it holds all your precious things... There are plenty of nice bags out there, but very few really serve the purpose. This is why we've created a fresh concept - 'Realityproof bags'. We combined coveted minimalist look with playful and adorned aesthetic to create a bag that can be worn in professional and casual setting. All our bags are scratch, stain & water resistant and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. They don't scuff and don't fade in the sun... Soap and water is all you need to clean your bag, and by clean we mean removing ANY marks, even pen ink. Don't worry if you've spilled a vanilla latte or red wine all over your FABLOU, all you have to do is wipe it down and it will look brand new. When you travel, simply roll the bag up and it will bounce back in to shape when it's finally out of the suitcase. Unique combination of soft and silky silicone with faux leather trim, makes it a great alternative to traditional leather bags and ideal bags for vegans.

FEDERICO Why FERA LIBENS? Because I had a grandparent shoemaker, who with his hands created small masterpieces. Because I wanted to contribute to the improvement of the world around us, a small drop of good will in a sea of ​​indifference. Because it's great to see an idea sprout, make it grow and commit to spread it all over the world. FRANCIS Why FERA LIBENS? Because I like to think of making a contribution, however small, to a sustainable development. Because I think we can live more consciously without having to give up enjoying life. Because I love animals.

Filbert was founded on a belief that handbags could be both luxurious and mindfully-made. We've crafted beautiful, PETA-approved, vegan leather tote bags, purses, clutches, and wristlets that take you from office, to date night to weekends, along with a curated selection of the best cruelty-free accessories. Our products are mindfully and exceptionally made with materials like USDA organic cotton, luxury vegan suede, and soft vegan leather. Our materials are ethically sourced and curated with the highest quality standards. We believe that luxe and ethical don’t have to be mutually exclusive, that things can always be made better and in a more sustainably-designed way. Making Things Better We suspect you’re like us and have struggled to reconcile a natural inclination to bring beautiful things into your life with an equally strong desire to leave the world a better place. Much of what’s for sale in stores and online is made in ways that do harm. We started Filbert to create luxe vegan products we wanted ourselves, but couldn’t find, products that set both elevated aesthetic and ethical standards. We’re resolved that everything Filbert will be: Cruelty Free Mindfully Made Curated and Exceptional With Filbert, we aim to inspire awareness and kindness, to make things better in every way possible. The more we learn about how both everyday and luxe goods are generally produced, the more keenly we embrace our credo. We find it’s always good to educate ourselves about the status quo. Knowledge gives us the motivation to make other choices, to live differently. Because of what we learned about the leather industry, Filbert’s flagship product is a luxe vegan handbag. If you’d like to be better informed about this industry, read more here.

Gaston Luga aims to design backpacks that bridge the gap between fashion and function. To do this, they focus on sleek designs that fit perfectly into an adventurous lifestyle. They've included unique details like a concealed passport pocket, address tags, subtle colors, metallic hardware, and metallic feet and combined them with elements of Scandinavian minimalism like smart storage and the use of long-lasting materials. In this way, we’ve created a collection of backpacks that are perfect for any occasion. These backpacks are unique as they feature highly structured internal divisions and a clean, streamlined shape. They are also assembled from strong, resistant fabrics such as cotton canvas and metal buckles. In addition, our backpacks are made from vegan leather that maintain a high quality feel. One of the signature features of Gaston Luga's backpacks is the concealed passport pocket. This pocket is located at the back of the bag and nestles safely into the wearer’s back. In this way, the passport pocket enables you to keep important documents like passport or flight tickets close to you while still allowing you to access them with ease when necessary. Finally, Gaston Luga backpacks can also be paired with a personalised address tag. These vegan leather tags come in an array of colours to mix and match according to the occasion, your outfit, or your mood. Gaston Luga operates in many parts in the world; therefore, there is a need to consistently set better standards for our operations worldwide. We strive for perfection in everything we do while also taking care of our environment. All our materials are carefully sourced and in compliance with EU regulations. We are also committed to lowering our carbon footprint by using the most effective transportation alternatives. It is important that our growth is sustainable, hence, we also regularly inspect our partners' facilities in order to ensure the maintenance of fair trade and good working conditions.

Bonjour, Hello, In 2011, I, MARION HANANIA, French shoe designer, artist, animal lover, vegan, created GOOD GUYS DON’T WEAR LEATHER, the first 100% Vegan Shoes company from France. GOOD GUYS shoes are completely cruelty-free and sweatshop-free, the shoes that I designed are manufactured in Portugal in a fair-trade environnement. All the materials that we use are eco-friendly and sustainable made in Europe with certified manufacturers. We use mostly Microfibers also called 'vegan leather' or 'vegan suede' They are made in Portugal, Spain or Italy. We use canvas sometimes and natural rubber or wood for the soles. I design my collections to be timeless, durable and comfortable, they match my Style and my Ethics. I am proud that GOOD GUYS has grown to be beloved by a wide variety of artists, activists, vegans, non-vegans and fashionistas alike. Thanks for your trust and support! Marion Hanania Founder and designer of GOOD GUYS DON'T WEAR LEATHER

OUR STORY HIGH FASHION . ZERO CRUELTY GUNAS is an independent high fashion label with a cause! Started in 2009 by designer and animal lover, Sugandh G. Agrawal, GUNAS's heart and soul screams to be the voice of animals. With an award winning design and business background, Sugandh quit her 7-year corporate career as an Industrial designer at KitchenAid to start her own brand of cruelty-free fashion in New York. Her mission is strong and clear. Animals are NOT meant to be a part of fashion. We can look and feel good without harming other living beings. We need to connect our selves with what goes on behind the scenes and question our actions and their impacts. What initially began as an all MADE IN NYC label, has now gone global to source and manufacture bags and shoes using artisan and small-scale ethical manufacturers from countries such as India, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong. With styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, wallets and backpacks GUNAS has a bag to suit your every mood and lifestyle need. THE BRAND MANIFESTO We are committed to being a 100% vegan brand. We believe that animals are not a “property” of humans. We are against the human nature of bullying and the desire to dominate all other species. We stand up to the culture of violence and suffering that we inherited against our will. Justice, empathy and compassion are our core values. We envision a world of peace, love and kindness that starts with each one of us. We advocate conscious consumerism over fast fashion. We make “victim-free” fashion full of love for all. We will not participate in any kind of exploitation, be it towards our planet, people or animals. SUSTAINABILITY GUNAS bags are 100% free of animal by-product. That means no silk, no fur, no wool, no down feathers, no leather! We use a variety of fabrics including coated canvases, nylons, eco-polyurethane, ultra-leather, ultra-suede and up-cycled polyester for linings. We do not use any PVC. Whenever possible, we also incorporate up-cycled upholstery fabrics and vintage materials into our collection. We are continuously trying to improve our material quality and experimenting by incorporating new materials such as cork, rubber and pinatex into our designs. All hardware is lead and nickel free. The custom logo hardware is made using recycled metals and is 24 carat gold plated. The lining fabric is made from up-cycled cotton canvas or recycled plastic bottles (essentially recycled Polyester) and we only use YKK zippers. ETHICS We believe that just being a vegan brand is not sufficient. We care about people just as much as we care about the planet. It is important for us to know "Who makes our Bags?" We now manufacture with several countries, working with artisans from USA, India, South Korea, Mexico and Italy. We continue to seek new artisans that spark our creativity so we can bring you a diverse range of bags that fit your lifestyle. All our bags are sweatshop-free, Each factory has been personally visited and checked for ethical working conditions for their workers.

Happiness Animals cares about animals and society. Our mission is to promote veganism, sustainability and give back to society. You can find our examples below ✌️ Donate 5% of our net profit to PETA and New Life Animal Sanctuary. Every time when you receive orders from us, you are also helping animals 😊❤️ All products are made of vegan clothing material Our products are printed using CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant inks We use poly bags which are recyclable, biodegradable and 100% virgin polyethylene film, FDA and USDA compliant for our packaging If we need to use bubble wraps, we choose bubble wraps which are made from 10% post-consumer content and a minimum of 15% recycled plastic Our products are printed sustainably in USA or Europe Tote bags and shopping bags are made in USA and produced sustainably Sweatshop free Have fun, together, let's make the world a beautiful place 😊

HeartCure began because we wanted to see change. To see Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary have the ability to rescue more animals, to see an ethical vegan clothing that supports causes and to inspire and unite the community to take a stand for the animals. ​We aim to be so much more than just clothing, we are a community of compassionate people living by their hearts. This is why we are non-profit, we reinvest money made into growing our ethical business and we donate monthly to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary, activists and grass roots organisations. ​We're aware of the huge impact that the fashion industry has on the planet. That is why we are constantly working towards creating a better and more sustainable model. Currently we use recycled materials and only use organic, instead of pesticide-intensive, cotton. HeartCure Recycle was created to help work towards a circular economy and reducing the amount of waste at the end of our clothings life. ​As a business ran by vegans, our core aims will always be to help fight for a world where all animals are free. Our focus on creating change will always come first, we will use HeartCure to help in the revolution to a vegan world!

With all the fabrics in the world laid out in front of Hemp Tailor, they chose hemp. At Hemp Tailor, that’s the choice they make as often as possible. Because everything starts with choices. As a brand, they chose to be better to animals, and better for the environment while making a product that is better for humans. Products by Hemp Tailor are hypo allergenic, longer lasting, and absolutely great looking. The goal is to push the fashion industry to be better. More sustainable. The goal is to get everyone to make these choices. Because the planet has reached a point where we don’t really have a choice anymore. These are the choices we have to make if we’re going to stick around. But changing the fabric of the fashion industry does not happen all at once. It will happen in pieces, one choice after another, stitched together to make something better. For Hemp Tailor, that means constant improvement. Like working toward using the stalk of the CBD plant to replace the organic cotton found in some of their jackets. They're not there yet, but working on it. And it means sharing that improvement; opening up their manufacturing facilities so people and other manufacturers can see their techniques, learn from them, and even buy our hemp materials, so that it’s even easier to make the right choice. Because making better choices is not proprietary. Just like our planet isn’t proprietary. It’s on all of us, because it belongs to all of us. Being more sustainable, treating animals better, leaving the Earth better than we found it, changing the future of fashion, and wearing a better jacket while doing it starts with simple choices. Hemp Tailor started with an easy choice: a hemp jacket. You should too.

Working with Artists All of our products feature artwork and designs from some of the most innovative and progressive artists. We are really proud to be able to support designers by giving back a percentage of every sale made, in the hope of encouraging and supporting further artistic talent all around the globe. Cruelty Free We have always felt strongly about not using any form of leather or fur in any of our products. Animals are in the heart of our designs and protecting them in any way we can has always been so important to us. We are so proud to have all our products recognised and approved by PETA. Find out more about our materials and processes here.

JOY OF LESS We celebrate the joy of less and the freedom inherent in living life hands-free. Our belt bags, designed to fit just the essentials, are a reminder of the ease of living a life of simplicity--a life filled with more experience, happiness, wholeness and joy in exchange for less stuff. PREMIUM, SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS As a modern company, we believe it is our responsibility to take into consideration the welfare of our planet in the development of each of our products. We are committed to sustainability and source only the most innovative, animal and earth-friendly materials we can find. MADE IN LOS ANGELES Our belt bags are made at a small, family-run factory just a few miles from our office in Los Angeles. We know every person that cuts and sews our bags and feel good that we can help provide them with a fair, living wage in a safe, happy and healthy workplace. HFS Collective (formerly known as Hipsters for Sisters) was founded in 2012 by mother-daughter team Debra and Rachel Denniston in Los Angeles, California. Since the beginning, they’ve sought out to create ethical and sustainable, hands-free bags inspired to liberate women from their baggage. "Like most American women, I was educated to believe that my survival depended on the contents of a very large and beautiful handbag. However, once my youngest child was finally out of diapers, I desperately sought freedom from my heavy bag. The depth of my desperation was evidenced by the fact that I actually started wearing a fanny pack. While I loved the freedom it provided, I hated the way it looked and the ridicule it inspired, especially from my kids who begged me to hide it in the trunk when I picked them up from school. Worn down and out by societal pressure, I went back to allowing my big, bad, fashionable handbags to wear me for another ten years. One day, as the chiropractor snapped my shoulder back into place, I decided that I was too smart to act this stupid. If men can get through their days with only the contents of their pockets, women can too. I went home determined to design a truly functional accessory that even my daughters would wear. When my daughters confessed that they not only liked the design, but actually wanted to participate in it's development, I knew we were on to something." -Debra

#BETHECHANGE CRUELTY FREE We started our mission in the early nineties, as the first company to make a winter jacket out of hemp. We have since created a fashion revolution in outerwear using hemp, the earth’s strongest natural fiber. Our clothes, rooted in conscious design and crafted from the highest quality organic and recycled materials, prove that there is a better way. A cruelty-free way. We are the voice of a style revolution that lives in harmony with nature, join us. CONSCIOUS DESIGN Crafted using premium hemp, HoodLamb jackets combine pure strength with classic design. Each jacket is the result of twenty years experience in hemp tailoring and eco-innovation. Our clothes, from durable outerwear to soft-knits, bring together the best organic and recycled materials with advanced eco-treatments to ensure pure comfort and total protection from the cold. OUR ALLIES The fashion outerwear industry is one of the most cruel and polluting on the planet, at an enormous cost to animals, humans, and the environment. Because of the daunting challenges facing us, we believe it will take a global community of passionate fighters to create true and lasting change. Together with these allies and our combined supporters, we are part of a movement to forge a better way ahead. Sea Shepherd HoodLamb has proudly collaborated with Sea Shepherd since 2010 as both apparel partner and committed supporter of their cause to defend marine wildlife worldwide. Custom designs created in collaboration with Sea Shepherd and tested at arctic temperatures make this the ultimate gear for even the most extreme climates. Ten percent of all HoodLamb Sea Shepherd sales go to support Sea Shepherd expeditions worldwide. PETA As official PETA approved brand, and committed supporter of PETA’s mission to eliminate all animal cruelty in fashion - we fight together to hold the outerwear industry to a higher standard. One Percent For The Planet As a member company HoodLamb contributes at least one percent of annual revenue to help create a more healthy planet.

We have always strived to blend our combined degrees in fashion, business and psychology by weaving positive self worth into every piece of clothing that we design. Oh, and we are also sisters, which means that we have mastered the art of collaboration and being kind to one another most of the time. We see fashion as a great way for people to express themselves, and to help women be themselves. After all, people comfortable in their own skin are even more comfortable in their own clothes. So, we bet you are wondering why we’re called I love Tyler Madison. Well, sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect it. And that’s exactly what happened to us. Tyler and Madison are our rescue dogs that we took in 9 and 11 years ago. While we thought that we would have so much to teach these neglected pups, it turns out that we were the ones that learned so much from them. These dogs have taught us invaluable lessons of true acceptance, love, and self worth. They make us feel unconditionally adored, and we hope to inspire other women to feel the same. Be yourself. Believe in yourself. Just be you. We stand for self worth, self love and self respect. We want women to feel as good as they can in our clothes, embracing their uniqueness along the way. The same pair of pants can look completely different on five different girls- and we love this. This is one of the reasons that our pants are pull on. We don’t want girls to stress over something as silly as the “top button challenge.” Just pull on our slimming, easy to wear pants and you’re good to go. As animal rights activists and true devotees of canine rescue missions, I love Tyler Madison is a proud supporter of the SPCA & ASPCA. After all, our pups are pretty much our silent (or loud barking) third and fourth business partners. Who knows where we’d be without their acceptance. Probably fighting with a top button in a fitting room somewhere.

In 2004, Kyle Parsons went to Bali for the first time. During his trip he purchased a pair of sandals with soles made from motorbike tires. The unique sandals prompted Kyle to learn more about the worldwide tire problem, and he found that over one billion waste tires end up in landfills every year. This made him even more appreciative of the resourcefulness that lead to the creation of his sandals. Kyle became determined to get back to Bali to pursue his new passion for repurposed tire sole footwear. The landscape and people of Indonesia had captivated him and he hoped that by transforming discarded tires into soles, he could do his part to help alleviate Indonesia’s pollution problem. In 2009 Indosole was launched. Today Kyle is Indosole’s CEO and handles sales worldwide. You can find him at the Church of Surf, our San Francisco headquarters in the heart of Ocean Beach, California.

Insecta Shoes is a brand of ecological and vegan shoes and accessories , produced in Brazil. We turn into shoes pieces of used clothes, in addition to recycled plastic bottles. The most diverse fabrics and prints of those abandoned models saw vegan boots, oxfords, sandals and slippers, without any use of raw material of animal origin.

Jaan J. caters to the needs of those who appreciate quality vegan ties and cotton ties because they do not wear silk for health or personal reasons. We at Jaan J. have made it our mission to produce the best non silk vegan ties for those who want the best neckties and need the best neck ties for their mind, body, and soul. For years, many of us here at Jaan J. were relegated to inferior non silk ties and cotton ties of poor workmanship and undesirable style. We grew tired of searching for high quality non silk vegan ties, and calling local tie stores for cotton ties was always embarrassing to say the least. We no longer wanted to scour the internet looking for a classic non silk striped vegan tie or a timeless non silk black tie to go with a business suit. Moreover, we wanted high quality vegan ties that lived up to our professional and personal standards of fashion. We needed non silk neck ties for us; therefore, we needed non silk neck ties from us. With all that in mind, we started Jaan J. Initially, the idea of creating high quality non silk ties was more self-serving than anything else. With time, however, we realized two things: the great demand for our luxurious non-silk ties and how we were providing a necessary public service for family, friends and a global community who shared our same concerns about silk and cruelty free ties. Thousands of vegan neck ties later and a new website to receive the many "thank you" letters from delighted executives, grateful wives' of managers, and happy children of professionals for our non silk neck ties, we are happy to present you with Jaan J.'s ties online. We hope you discover that our new vegan ties will allow you to display your own individuality as well as give you what you need to properly accent your suits - a classy necktie. So, feel at ease and browse as much as you like. You are now at home - at The Home of Non Silk Vegan Ties.

Fashion, long governed by the seasons, the globalization of the market and trends, is aujourd ' exceeded hui by the ever-increasing demand and implicit obligation to always offer more. In response to this chaos, Jarod-Pi returns to the source of the 'art of' clothing: pi è such as ' we see through their character è precious and re rarity. Mass production of disposable clothing is an obsolete concept. In the interests of anti-waste, we have imagined a new way of consuming fashion: to create pieces in extra-limited quantities (50 pieces, no more, no less) produced to order, whatever the year or the season. . To meet this commitment, we design models that will cross trends without ever failing their primary goal: to dress with style and allow everyone to express themselves through clothing. Every day, Jarod-Pi makes it a point of honor to move forward in the direction of progress and to be in line with its values. Therefore, since the end of the ' year 2019, the brand produces exclusively in France. And in the interests of transparency and traceability, each piece leaves our partner workshop stamped with a number which proves that like you, our clothes are unique.

In 2014, in her own laundry room, Nadia created Kallie & Co. - an online social retail business that sells hand crafted goods created by Mexican artisans. Nadia, a Mexican immigrant who married a US Marine, knew she needed a job that was "portable" because they relocated often. She also wanted to find a way to give back to her Mexican community by creating fair labor. After meeting artisans and sourcing products, Nadia needed a way to tell her story. She turned to Facebook and Instagram to do so. In the beginning, Nadia used Facebook and Instagram to build her brand. As her company and her product catalog grew, her marketing strategy evolved. Today, she uses the Shopify and Facebook Pixel integration to reach customers who visit her website and she sells her products directly through Facebook Shops. These tools allow Nadia to continue growing her business and reaching her customers, regardless of where she's located, and has resulted in 4 out of 5 customers finding Kallie & Co. through Facebook and Instagram. As the business continued to grow, so did Nadia's use of the Facebook's tools. She uses WhatsApp to communicate with her artisans in Mexico, allowing them to avoid high phone bills. She also uses Messenger to communicate with her team, all of whom are other military spouses she's never met in person. Today, Nadia has grown Kallie & Co. from her laundry room, to a small team of Military Spouses, selling her products across the U.S. and Canada, and supporting 20 artisans in Mexico with fair labor. And that's not all - Kallie & Co. is committed to giving back by donating 100% of profits from t-shirt sales to the Semper Fi Fund and by making donations of shoes to women in need in the United States and Africa. Nadia may have started as a way to have a job on the go, but it's grown in to a sustainable, socially conscious business supporting people across the U.S. and Mexico.

WHAT ARE THE BOOTS MADE FROM? Kat Mendenhall Boots are made from a patent microfiber material which is designed to have a leather grain look and a natural appearance. This material is a specifically engineered nylon or a polyester fiber matrix. The natural grain look is manufactured in the US and is not a PVC product. The material contains no plasticizers or off gassing. WHAT MAKES KAT MENDENHALL BOOTS UNIQUE? Texas styled cowboy boots made in Texas, by Texans. Handmade synthetic fashion forward boots. Colorful embroidery Unique quality craftsmanship Durable and breathable Limited production USA sourced materials PVC Free Product Sustainable and environmental friendly

KIN = related; one's family relations Because humans and nature are created from the same building blocks of the universe, we are directly related to each other. We are connected. We are KIN. We are of the same elements that make up the world around us and beyond the reaches of space. You are The Universe! Let's build an environment where we are the responsible stewards of nature, living things, and each other. Let's build a KINDOM. The KINDOM branding is compostable - natural cotton labels, printed with water base ink to reduce pollution to the planet, and unbleached hang tags connected by natural jute twine with a metal pin. No plastic!

Kokoh clothing was founded by Lizzette Reyes, January of 2018. An Animal Rights activist, she set out to launch a fashionable line of vegan shirts with empowering messages. Kokoh stands for Knowing Only Kindness of Humans — and that is exactly what she hopes to convey through the brand. Kokoh was designed for the conscious female fashionista, to bring out the activist inside. The line seamlessly blends style with social change, and apparel with activism. Lizzette also launched the brand to fill a gap in the market. While she always enjoyed expressing herself through her clothing, she felt frustrated that so many pieces were ill-fitting, outdated, and not as functional as they could be. With Kokoh she wanted to create flattering, form-fitting shirts. Not only that, but she wanted consumers to feel inspired — to think carefully about Veganism, Animal Liberation, and other world issues. Her line is cruelty-free, as well as sweatshop-free and made in the USA, to ensure all aspects of the brand are of the highest quality. Fashion shouldn’t suffer in the name of making a statement. Kokoh offers unique, trendy pieces with a message. Kokoh will be donating a percentage of all sales to animal related charities around the country.

The concept of being relaxed is a personal ethos. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are and where your place is in your world. Being comfortable with yourself, body and mind and soul. It’s about making choices that can take slightly less away from our planet. It’s feeling that you got the most out of your day in a meaningful way, not by anyone else’s measure of productivity. Feeling relaxed is feeling at peace with yourself, despite the often-chaotic world we all inhabit. The clothing we produce is a reflection of that ethos. We want it to be a given; that the clothes you put on your body won’t harm it, won’t cause unnecessary damage to the Earth or pain to the human being who made the clothes, that it will fit and flatter, that it will feel great and inspire you to make authentic choices. Being “relaxed” is a lifestyle and an intentional choice we can all make.

Established in 2009, LaBante London designs and produces accessories with an ethos of 'Fashion With Respect.' What do we mean by that? Our bags and jewellery are not only covetable but also vegan, environmentally friendly, and ethically produced. We want to give consumers the experience of luxury, of the finest craftsmanship, of a timeless aesthetic, while respecting the world we live in. Every season the brand releases a handbag collection - for a day at the office or a night out - that is on-trend and exudes a British sensibility. We are vegan. At LaBante all our accessories are made using high quality vegan products - we are a PETA approved Vegan label. This implies that our suppliers conform to the strictest manufacturing codes for jewellery and handbags. All materials are ethically sourced with no involvement in animal cruelty. Our aim is to change people’s opinion of faux leather handbags, which can be just as sumptuous and buttery as real leather, while being humane. The LaBante team travels far and wide to source the softest faux leather, which is then carefully crafted into classic sculptural pieces. We are environmentally friendly. Our earth is our home, so we care to use recycled products and use production processes that respect the environment. No small detail goes unnoticed at LaBante so even the linings of our bags are made of recycled polyester. Both dust bags and swing tags use recycled materials in a conscientious effort to be sustainable throughout. We are ethical. Because we care for the humans behind the bags, the factories that work with the LaBante brand are cautiously vetted. The suppliers we work with must have a SGS certification, and undergo a social audit. This involves opening up their payroll, attendance books, and facilities so we can guarantee the factory is conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. In addition to this, 10% of our profits go to charity, because we like to promote a culture of giving, wherever we can. We are the future. For us, ‘Fashion with Respect’ implies that we consider all living beings and the planet. It's more than our philosophy, it’s the way we work, live, and breathe. Named by the Telegraph and The Independent, among others, as one of the top Vegan fashion brands to watch, we are leading a change in the luxury industry, ensuring that our tomorrow will present us elegant products that are ethical and sustainable - products we can both enjoy and be proud of. LaBante London's unswerving attention to detail, timeless design, and ethical stance has created a place in the heart of style conscious women everywhere. Our customers trust LaBante to produce bags and jewellery that are accessible, ethical, and luxurious.

VAUTE (“Haute” + V for Vegan) is the world’s first vegan fashion brand, founded with a mission of taking animals out of the fashion equation, by creating something better, using innovative, high-tech, sustainable textiles, cut and sewn in NYC’s garment district with love. We are the first vegan label to show at New York Fashion Week, as “one of the most innovative businesses in NYC” BusinessInsider. With our HQ in the LES of Manhattan, we’re here to disrupt the fashion industry. We are activists, we are weirdos, we are the kids who thought we’d never find someone else who cared as much as we do. We keep our hearts soft, our voices loud, and our heads down to create something better, fashion that will inspire and be perfect for even those who don’t care as much as we do. We work with the best high-tech mills around the world using organic and recycled fibers to create textiles that are innovative and brilliant. We combine them to create shockingly warm coats, beautiful gowns, comfiest sweaters, and sweet swimsuits. We aren’t perfect, but we do our best every day to make this world better and speak up for those who cannot.

Mata Traders fair trade clothing and accessories are made by the hands of artisans in India and Nepal. Our artisans come from rural areas, tribal villages, and urban slums, but they all want the same thing – the chance to earn a fair wage and lift their families and communities out of poverty. By giving our artisans an opportunity, we are making a social impact on not just their lives, but the lives of generations to come. The artisan cooperatives are similar to social service agencies in the support they provide to end the cycle of poverty for the members and their families. Health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions, and daycare: all part of the membership package. Social workers on staff assist the artisans in addressing their personal needs, from opening a bank account to situations of domestic violence and dealing with HIV/AIDS. There are literacy classes, computer training, and regular workshops on topics like hygiene, nutrition, and parenting. We’ve seen this education really make a difference: co-op member Sidhama told us that before coming to the co-op, she never rode buses because she could not read the bus numbers. Now she travels around Mumbai by bus without problem. The women are empowered to navigate their own lives, quite literally!

Some ideas sneak up on you as if they were always meant to be. The idea behind MAT(T)ERIAL and NATURE originally came to life in 1995, in beautiful Montreal. We’re passionate and in awe of the world that surrounds us. Being inspired by MAT(T)erial and NATure means exploring the synergy between the two, the reflection of one on the other. At Matt & Nat, we live by a simple motto, “Live beautifully”. Living beautifully means appreciating the humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us. Our values include social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, learning, authenticity and, of course, love. We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature and, to better protect it, we aim to constantly better our ways. From the start, being committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in our designs felt natural to us. Each season, we continue to explore new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly. Over the years, we’ve been experimenting with different recycled materials such as recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork. Since 2007, we’ve been committed to using linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. We have also recently introduced recycled bicycle tires to our collections. Matt & Nat collections can now be found in boutiques across Canada, the United States, the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia. MATT & NAT stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE. M&N is a vegan brand therefore there are no animal products used in production. In 2010, the UN reported that the best way to protect the environment is to adopt a vegan/vegetarian diet, given the harmful effects of factory farming. The linings inside all MATT & NAT bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. In addition to being vegan, sustainable materials are constantly sourced in design such as cork and rubber. The head office in Montreal, Canada is a ‘cruelty free’ zone. On the last Friday of every month the staff hold a vegetarian potluck at which time employees’ birthdays are celebrated with vegan cupcakes! Various vegan leathers are used in production, the scientific terms are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). PU is less harmful for the environment than PVC and we make it a point to use it whenever possible. We continuously try to improve the standards for all our materials. One of our factories operates by the SA8000 standard and we hope to make this standard a bigger part of our production going forward. We visit diligently each factory and build strong personal relationships with their owners; they too are a part of the Matt & Nat family. This involvement in the making of our bags ensures integrity every step of the way. MATT & NAT design and produce their own custom hardware. Over the years, some great brand ambassadors of M&N have included Nathalie Portman, Fearne Cotton, Olivia Wilde, Charlize Theron, Rory Freidman, Emily Deschanel, Tobey Maguire and Adrian Grenier. MATT & NAT encourages their team to volunteer as much as possible, when schedule permits. MATT & NAT encourages upcycling. If you haven’t used it in the last six months, someone else can! Donate your used bags to the following organizations:

Our premium vegan leather handbags are sculpted with love in a cruelty free, animal friendly environment, using fair trade principles. Our motivation every season is to offer affordable luxury to the everyday woman, regardless of her budget. Our handbags have been featured in Marie Claire, Glamour, Instyle, Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Self, People Style Watch, and Vogue; in various TV Shows including Good Morning America, Desperate Housewives, The Carrie Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Extra, Dallas, and Laguna Beach.

We work with some of the best and softest eco-friendly plant fibers around. Our favorites are: organic cotton, bamboo, and soy. As a small company, it is impossible to do everything ourselves. We have to partner with other awesome companies doing awesome things to bring you awesome stuff. We have sourced fabrics from only the best suppliers who monitor their supply chains, standards, certifications, and so on to bring us-- and subsequently YOU-- the best fabrics in the sustainable field! We work with some of the best factories in the NY garment industry to bring you the highest quality and most ethically created clothing. When there are initiatives and programs to "Save The Garment Center" you know that overseas production has taken its toll on American manufacturing, jobs, and preserving our history! Miakoda was created solely for sustainability. The fashion industry at large is deeply exploitative in every way. We came into existence in the hopes of reimagining fashion as compassionate, using practices and materials that respect the planet and all its inhabitants. The sustainable fashion community is largely white washed, which is why we aim to be sustainable in a 3 dimensional way-- in terms of materials, labor practices, and socially. Social sustainability is just as imperative as choosing materials and labor practices. It is of utmost importance to us that Miakoda is inclusive and represents all of you, from the models you see, to the sizes for purchase, to the collaborators we work with. Sustainability can only go so far, right? WRONG. We strive to do everything right from start to finish. All of our packing materials are 100% recycled. The amount of fabric that goes to landfill is tremendous. When we learned how much waste is produced during production, we knew we had to find a better option for our scraps. We’ve created our zero waste collection as a way to give our scraps a second life and keep them out of landfills!

As the first luxury vegan shoe made in Italy back in 2000, MINK knew that being second is not an option. MINK's main goal is to make the best shoes in the world without animal products. Their factory genius’s pioneer the top tier brands of the world; Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. They challenge the best in Italy to make a vegan alternative. Every MINK product holds the passion of luxury and the compassion that they demand for animals. Every shoe is inspired, designed, named and created by Rebecca Mink in honor of animal liberation. MINK products are made in their private factory and will never contain any animal products. MINK is committed to inventing new and creative ways to use recycled, organic, and sustainable components. MINK offers their collections direct to consumers online as a part of recreating the old way of making shoes. The online Boutique offers limited production luxury vegan accessories direct from their factory in Italy to your door worldwide. MINK upcoming made to order couture online is redefining luxury with the only destination to custom design a one of a kind vegan shoe.

Monkee Genes create superior denim and apparel, carefully sourced and made with conscience. In 2006 Monkee Genes was born, launching a small denim collection built to offer something fresh to an already saturated and disposable denim market. The team set out to dispel the myth that sustainable fashion was dull and expensive. Since then the brand has grown into a ethical fashion brand offering innovative fits as well as an original apparel collection produced sustainably and ethically. Now we offer a growing range of organic jeans and ethical fashion to cater for all tastes. There is the staple skinny jeans and slim fit jeans collections, the men's chino, boyfriend jeans, loose fits and our signature wide fit jeans for men and women. "Monkee Genes was created to bring out true rhythm from your natural sensitivity. We achieve this by using carefully sourced fabrics made by people who care because they are being cared for! The Monkee Genes design, when all the ingredients are added in, evolves into a piece of clothing which you can't wait to put back on. Looking after your body and soul; this is the natural evolution of jeanswear, this is Monkee Genes!" Phil Wildbore, Owner and designer of Monkee Genes With fashion comes responsibility... Disillusioned with the throwaway attitudes of the high street, we create eco jeans styles built to last - and, hopefully, staple pieces you can’t wait to put back on. As a part of our ethical fashion manifesto and mantra, we work hard to protect the people who make our clothes. We work with factories who provide safe working conditions and a decent living wage. ‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.’ All factories are regularly visited by Monkee Genes and we are very proud and happy with our working relationships with these great facilities. Join the movement calling for a fairer, safer and cleaner fashion industry. The 24th April 2018 will mark five years since the worst disaster in the history of the fashion industry. The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh killed more than 1,100 people and injured thousands. People across the world watched in shock as the media reports flooded in, revealing the increasing death toll and the harrowing survival stories of those horrifically injured in the collapse. People were waking up to the dangerous working conditions within the garment industry, but did the exposure provoke any change within the industry? The Rana Plaza Arrangement reached the target $30million in 2015 for a trust fund to those injured in the disaster. Contributions came primarily from the 29 global brands that had recent or current orders with at least one of the five garments factories in the Rana Plaza building. It was created to benefit the families affected by the events that day as many of the survivors were left unable to work ever again. These families needed the poor amount of money they earnt to shelter and feed their families. This arrangement was a lifeline, but despite a long campaign and reaching their target, not all brands that were associated with the affected factories actually paid up. In July 2016, 38 people were formally charged with murder in connection with the collapse of the Rana Plaza building. It was important that people were held accountable for the disaster, not only allowing for closure to the victims and their families but to also act as a deterrent and example for those trying to defraud the legislation set to protect the safety and welfare of workers. The victims have been compensated, the criminals have been convicted, but has the industry learnt from Rana Plaza? Not really. Whilst the consumers are still consuming, the demand for Fast Fashion isn’t losing pace. Illegal garment factories still exist and small scale disasters are undermined by media outlets. This is why Monkee Genes wants to help make a difference. We take the time to visit every factory we use to ensure the safety and welfare of garment workers. Everyone involved in making our jeans and new apparel range is paid a decent living wage. Our clothes are made with care because we care about the people that make them. We want to spare a thought for the men and women at the end of the supply chain, working hard to make your clothes. You can make a difference. ‘No Slave Labour, No Child Labour, No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears.’ “Organic is not an inspiration, it’s a choice of life. Nature is a pure balance, which we all need to protect. Profit above respect is man at his ignorant best.” Philip Wildbore, Founder and Designer of Monkee Genes The perfect pair of blue jeans is the single most important item in your wardrobe so it’s important we get it right. What is Organic Cotton? Cotton is fibre extracted from the humble cotton plant. This is a natural fibre which is very soft to touch, absorbent and breathable. Cotton is one of the most used fibres in the fashion industry due to its consumer friendly reputation. At Monkee Genes we don’t want to mess with nature, we want to work with it. Organic cotton is nearly identical to conventional cotton in the way it looks and feels, it’s how it is grown where we find the major differences. Most notably, organic cotton is free from the toxic pesticides and fertilisers that are normally used to protect and grow the plant. Instead, organic fertilizers and pesticides are used. This kind of farming has numerous benefits for the land, local community and consumer. Growing organically improves the quality of the soil and the wildlife needed to keep the land fertile. It also protects local water systems that can be contaminated by the harmful chemicals used in conventional cotton farming, as well as the farmers and pickers who are affected by the toxicity of the artificial pesticides. #DidYouKnow over 1 million people are hospitalised every year because of direct contact with harmful pesticides used in conventional cotton farming? A recent conclusion made by the WHO announced the harmful effect on the bee population from these toxic pesticides and artificial fertilisers, something they had previously denied. Bees are important as they pollinate our crops, but around the world many types of bees are in decline, if not extinct. Unfortunately, bees don’t know a good flower to a toxic one. Bees aren’t the only ones in danger; the ability of the worm to reproduce is also irreversibly damaged by the pesticides. Worms are crucial in maintaining the top soil, a catalyst for strong and healthy growth of the crop. Beehave

MooShoes is a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, t-shirts, wallets, books and other accessories. MooShoes offers its services through the online store you’re currently reading this on as well as in its lovely retail stores in New York City and, as of 2014, Los Angeles. We’re open 7 days a week for your shopping pleasure. Check out our store hours and locations and come by to say ‘hey’. The first cruelty-free store of its kind in NYC, MooShoes was founded in 2001 by sisters and Queens natives, Erica and Sara Kubersky. Originally located near the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan in a defunct butcher shop, MooShoes NYC moved to a space on Allen Street for a brief period before re-locating to its current location at 78 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It’s an amazing neighborhood, especially for vegans, and there’s a ton to do in the area. MooShoes Los Angeles was opened in the fall of 2014 in partnership with Katie Frichtel and Troy Farmer of raven + crow studio. After running raven + crow in Brooklyn for 10 years and acting as primary designers and creative directors for MooShoes for nearly as long, Katie and Troy picked up shop and moved to the sunny little hamlet of Los Angeles. Erica and Sara, long having wanted to open a second store, saw an opportunity and asked Katie and Troy to help them open their first expansion, having them design the space, choose lines for the west coast customers, and run the store after it opened. MooShoes NYC is also home to a slew of rescued cats who were adopted from some of our favorite local organizations. We’ve been lucky enough to hold many events at both stores for many talented, generous individuals and organizations in the vegan community. On top of all that, MooShoes is run by one of the greatest staffs ever. Don’t believe us? Come by, meet our staff, and see for yourself.

There are many good reasons for us muso koroni is a West African goddess who is known as the mother of all living beings, she creates plants and animals. The head and heart of our company is Jasmin Schister, a vegan since 2004. She proves both online and in her shop in the 8th district of Vienna Josefstadt with more than 50 brands, that you can also be hip as a vegan. Even there you can dress completely vegan, from underwear to socks, outerwear and underwear to jackets and co! There are also accessories such as handbags, purses, belts, natural cosmetics, vegan shoes, as well as books and gifts around the vegan lifestyle. Our products: All impeccable. All products are 100% vegan and do not contain any animal ingredients or materials. Our cosmetic products have never been tested on animals and also contain no animal ingredients. our philosophy quality not quantity As far as possible, we buy from companies that offer only vegan products In Austria we want to offer so far unique products to cover niches We prefer European suppliers to keep transport routes short We support Fairtrade companies around the world For environmental reasons, we send invoices by e-mail instead of by post We recycle all packaging so that little or no waste is produced Our web server is using renewable energy powered

Nae (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand. It proposes a fair and animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and respect to the environment. We want to be an option for them, whose are looking for Portuguese footwear design and present an increased responsibility to their own surrounding. Our philosophy Nae was born under the assumption of no animal exploitation and focus not only the natural and ecological materials, but also the design, style and quality that are already recognized in Portuguese footwear. All the products we manufacture are ethical and designed for the consumer and their daily comfort. Our strategy Our strategy is to create modern products that designed for everyday use. The products are manufactured only in certified factories of Portugal, where they respect their employees and ain't using any product of animal origin or that damages the environment. Moreover, we work with natural materials such as cork and pineapple, recycled materials as airbag and PET - plastic bottles, and synthetic materials as ecological microfibers. See our materials. Take a Walk on the Ethical Side

Our vision in both footwear and philosophy, Keep it Lite is a sentiment passed along from soul to sole, the idea that each wander can be made a wonder. Since 2009 we have strived to simplify your day, beautify your environment, and make you and those around you smile through your superlative choice in footwear. Through our simple formula of innovation, originality, and the key ingredient — lite-ness — we’re spreading good shoes and better vibes to all corners of the globe. WHAT IS BEAST FREE FOOTWEAR? Beast Free has been an integral part of our DNA since day one. Not a hair nor hide on any animal, anywhere, has been used in the creation of our product. We’ve even been certified by PETA as an approved vegan brand. Being Beast Free means respecting our animal and human friends equally. Beyond that, it means we respect the choices you make in your daily life, one of which is choosing which shoes to slip on before heading out the door.

We didn’t set out to start, or end a controversy with vegan shoes, we just wanted to engineer shoes we could be proud of, ethically and ecologically. The first NICORA shoes were made with vegan leather and we remain adamant in our standards. We invest the bulk of profits on research, development, and testing to bring you the best materials. We call it Kind Leather. NICORA is founded and run by a third generation female shoemaker, and our shoes are made in the USA, constructed on vintage molds using classical shoemaking techniques. All of this makes NICORA a one of a kind company: based on science, founded on ethics, and run by women. As a company we've dedicated ourselves to the well-being of our employees and the environment, as well as making strides in sustainability. We keep everything from thread to sole, made in America, with American sourced materials, made by American hands. We're proud to be uncompromising with our values, and even employ environmental and technological researchers to ensure we are always on the cutting edge and can see behind the curtain. We hold ourselves to high standards, and want to address all of your concerns. All while making the most comfortable, ethical shoes you will ever own.

Founded in 2009, NOAH stands for elegant fashion footwear made from vegan materials that are handcrafted in Italy under fair working conditions in small batches. The basic idea is to create shoes of Italian style and high quality Italian, respecting the environment, the animals and the health of the person carrying them and making them responsibly. Our shoes combine the Italian fashion-classic style, the outstanding quality and the wearing comfort of high quality brand name shoes. By adhering to fair working conditions and the use of vegan materials, NOAH shoes leave a socially equitable and ecologically sustainable footprint. A novelty are the materials used: durable, scratch-resistant, hard-wearing, breathable, partially recycled (the insole) and / or recyclable and free from harmful substances. The high-quality, fine quality looks good, feels wonderful and offers a pleasant wearing comfort. The production of the final product takes place exclusively in Italy, in selected, regularly visited and tested shoe factories, which have committed themselves to the protection of workers. As a forward-looking pioneering company, NOAH proves by the social-ecological footprint of the shoe collections that the combination of ethical demands and aesthetically high-quality design is not a contradiction. Italian joie de vivre - "Dolce Vita" - as well as style and responsible action for a sustainable development, this is the "Italian Vegan Lifestyle" of NOAH. In addition to our own NOAH shoe collections, we also sell stylish accessories (bags, belts and scarves) from partner companies that share our high standards of quality, aesthetics and environmental awareness.

NOIZE develops unique collections season after season with a focus on high-quality faux fur and vegan leather accents. Each piece makes a statement embracing an unrivalled selection of warm and fashionable outerwear. NOIZE is a cruelty-free outerwear brand that has always valued the importance of preserving the planet we live on. As a PETA approved brand, NOIZE offers a wide selection of cruelty-free and made-to-last jackets that have been thoughtfully designed in Montreal, Canada, to keep you warm all winter long.

Since 1984, Okabashi Brands has been a family owned and operated shoe company in Buford, Ga. Our shoes have earned a loyal following with over 35 million pairs of shoes sold. Today, over 98% of American-worn footwear is made abroad. We are proud to be in the 2% that has chosen to stay and thrive in the USA. Our shoes are focused on foot health, wellness and fitness recovery. We believe that support and comfort are key to a healthy and active lifestyle. Less than 1% of shoes worn in the United States today are made in the USA. Okabashi shoes are manufactured in Buford, Georgia and each pair travels only 7% as far as the average imported shoe. This prevents 10,000 miles of carbon emissions from the ships, planes and trucks required to transport shoes to the US. Resulting in a 1/200th of the average imported shoe carbon footprint. Our women leadership team goes above and beyond stringent US standards to create opportunity and community for our diverse 200 employees, including veterans. At Okabashi, we believe in closed-loop recycling to reduce the use of virgin material and to keep old shoes from becoming environmental waste. The average pair of Okabashi shoes contain 15-25% recycled material. If you return your well-loved and worn Okabashi shoes to our factory, we will recycle them for use in new Okabashi products or other non-apparel goods. Once we receive your shoes, we will email you a 15% off promo code to use on your next pair of Okabashis as a thank you from us and the planet. ATTN: RECYCLING PROGRAM OKABASHI 4823 ROY CARLSON BLVD. BUFORD, GA 30518

By designing long-lasting eyewear whilst creating tangible change, we walk the talk of a sustainable fashion future putting people and the planet before profits. For every pair of sunglasses sold, we give back to eye-care programmes in Africa by providing grants to vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes. To date, thousands of sight-impaired people have had their lives changed and their ability to earn an income enhanced thanks to receiving a pair of prescription glasses.

As a fair trade company, Passion Lilie currently works with several producer groups in India. We provide fair wages and work with organizations that ensure safe and healthy working conditions for their artisans. For us, it is also important to give each worker a voice and make sure they are genuinely happy and comfortable with their job. This can mean everything from clean water to time off. Our business is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and we support positive and uplifting working environments around the globe. At Passion Lilie, part of our mission as a sustainable clothing line is to be eco-friendly. We are always looking for ways to treat our environment better, which is why more and more of our products are made with organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton. In addition, we use azo-free, organic, and natural dyes. At every step in the supply chain, we make sure we are using sustainable materials to reduce our impact on the environment. Our production process is designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable as well. We are dedicated to preserving the environment through the use of natural energy, waste reduction, and water reduction. Our fabrics are washed by hand in local waterways and dried in the sun, and leftover pieces become the material for various accessories and handicrafts. From start to finish, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible.

PETIT VOUR was founded by current co-CEO Madeline Alcott. Growing dissatisfied with the lack of transparency in the beauty and fashion industries, she longed for a store that would indulge her dreamy, fanciful side, while also adhering to an ethical code. Realizing that others shared this desire, Madeline went on to build a lifestyle brand that catered to modern, educated women with a softness for animals, nature, and life’s little luxuries. Named after her favorite tea-time treat (but with a decidedly progressive twist, as a nod to veganism), PETIT VOUR went live in the spring of 2013. We now operate in Austin, Texas, serving over 10,000 women worldwide, each and every month. PETIT VOUR holds brands to the highest caliber to ensure that every discovery brought to our audience meets our gold standard of ethics, performance, and aesthetic, or as we like to call it, the crème de la cruelty-free™. By pushing brands to provide greater transparency, fair labor practices as well as cleaner ingredients and materials, we are making ethical luxury more accessible than ever. As we grow, we will continue to raise the bar, partnering with brands and designers in an effort to expand their collections, all the while bringing clean, cruelty-free innovations to the market. OUR MISSION To create a more compassionate, beautiful world by celebrating life —in every form—with intelligence and enthusiasm. To indulge our dreamy, fanciful, and fun side by making ethical luxury more accessible than ever. To invest in our own future, by making the most of our every day. OUR VALUES Compassion. Quality. Integrity. We strive to embody these three values in everything we do: from what and how we curate to how we handle customer care; and ultimately, how we interact with the world. We believe kindness is strength, humility is bold, integrity takes courage, and ethics trump all. We believe everything should be done with love and intention or not at all. OUR STANDARD Top-performing. Ethically-made. Safe ingredients. Exceptional aesthetic. Finding the crème de la anything requires a lot of sifting. Finding the best in cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle is no different. Before a product reaches a PETIT VOUR shelf, it’s passed through a four-step sifting process, focused on performance, ingredients, ethics and aesthetic. OUR CURATION PROCESS One by one, we do away with the underperforming, the unclean, the unfairly- or cruelly-made, and the underwhelming, until we are left with the gold standard: high-performing, top-shelf formulations that go above and beyond to impress, with healthy, non-toxic, plant-derived ingredients, manufactured ethically with fair labor practices and without animal testing, and a gorgeous aesthetic that is coveted by all. NGREDIENTS No animal ingredients, ever. We never include harmful ingredients, and always strive to better our standard as we continue to grow. For a full list of ingredients we will never allow in any of our products, visit the Restricted Ingredients page. ETHICS We are wholly cruelty-free. This means absolutely NO animal testing or partnering with brands who sell in countries where animal testing is required and NO manufacturing in countries with lower worker standards than the USA, unless the brand can provide clear proof of fair worker standards. We actively push our brands, our partners, and ourselves for greater transparency. AESTHETIC We want to ensure that every discovery you make at PETIT VOUR is not only good for you, your body, animals, and the environment, but looks fantastic on your vanity too.

OUR STORY At Pixie Mood, we love animals. We made it our top priority to create products without harming any furry friends. We strive to find fun and fashionable alternatives to leather and fur, making it easier for us all to make a compassionate choice while still looking fabulous. There is always room for fashion with compassion! Founded in 2011 Pixie Mood continues to find the most socially responsible way to look good while feeling great. We believe it is our responsibility to take into consideration the future of our planet when designing/developing our products. We are committed to sustainability and source the most innovative, and eco-friendly materials. CRUELTY FREE VEGAN LEATHER PU leather stands for Polyurethane leather, which is different from lower grade synthetic leathers such as vinyl or PVC our products are all 100% Vegan and aren’t PU “coated” leather. PU Leather is generally just a layer or two of PU with a non-woven background. It is lighter and more breathable than PVC leather. It works well in colder climates and is more elastic than PVC. We are always on the hunt for new and innovative materials to be used in our designs. MANUFACTURING We understand the importance of providing our customers products that are produced in a legal and socially responsible manner. We require all manufactures to agree and adhere to strict standards for the production of the merchandise we sell. These are the minimum standards that we expect all manufactures to conduct business with us. The standards include prohibitions on child labor, forced labor, treating works with respect and fair wages. we ensure that: No Forced labor: No use of forced labor, whether it is prison labor, indentured labor or bonded labor. No Child Labor: No person shall be employed at an age younger than 15 years No Harassment or Abuse: All employees shall be treated with respect and dignity. No employee shall be subjected to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse Health and Safety: Employers shall provide a safe and healthy working environment Wages and Benefits: Employers shall pay employees sufficient wages to meet their employees basic needs. PRODUCT CARE How to take care of POLYURETHANE bags? Our bags that are made with polyurethane or ‘vegan-leather’ are very durable, and unlike real leather, they are waterproof. The best way to care for your purse is to be gentle and treat it like your other purses. When not in use, properly store it away in a cool and dry place. To clean any dirty areas, use some warm, mild, soapy water and a cloth to gently spot clean. You may also use Goo Gone or some rubbing alcohol to spot clean areas that may be more difficult to remove than others, and allow it to air dry. If there are any wrinkles or light creasing, we do not recommend applying any sort of heat, as that will damage the bag. We recommend stuffing the bag and letting it sit for a few days, as that will usually smooth out the wrinkles or creases. How to take care of CORK bags? Our bags that are made with cork are very durable, but they are not waterproof, they are weather-proof. So they can endure splashes of rain, some snow and so on. If some rain or snow gets on the cork, we recommend wiping or drying those areas as early as possible, and allow it to air dry. The best way to care for your cork purse is to be gentle and care for it like your other purses. When not in use, properly store it away in a cool and dry place, preferably in a dust bag. To clean any dirty areas, use some warm, mild, soapy water and a cloth to gently spot clean. You may also use some Goo Gone, a bit of rubbing alcohol, or a Lysol wipe to remove the more difficult blemishes, and allow it to air dry. How to take care of FAUX SUEDE material? For the faux suede material parts, we do not recommend using any water as that will ruin the bag. We suggest using a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cloth, and rub the affected areas as needed until the stains are gone. Afterwards, lay the bag flat and allow the material to air dry. While drying, the faux suede material may become a bit stiff, so you can use a toothbrush or a soft brush and gently brush the material dry. Strong smell coming from bag? The smell coming from the bag is sometimes caused by the process of producing the bag or from the time it spent in the shipment when it was being shipped. To get rid of the smell safely, we recommend placing a dryer sheet inside the purse to absorb any odors and leave it for a few days. Alternatively, they could also air out the purse outside for a few days. We don’t recommend spraying too much Febreeze or other sprays inside or outside the bag, as they ruin the purse. SOCIAL IMPACT At Pixie Mood, we believe that every bit of help makes a difference. Some of the charities we’ve worked with over the past few years.

PLANT FACED represents a new and innovative movement in the order of fashion - with focus on maintaining its presence as a 100% ethical independently owned vegan streetwear clothing label, making sustainability fashionable. We are the global lovechild of fashion, design, art, music, skate, surf, street, tattoo culture, and a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle. We are streetwear minus the sweatshop. We make wearable threads that don’t hurt the earth. We are 100% ethical, cruelty-free clothing. We aim to spread messages and start conversations. We aim to be more than a brand - we are the Plant Movement. All our garments maintain our core belief of supporting safe, humane, ethical manufacturing practices, as well as using eco-conscious, organic or plant-based materials wherever possible. Our entire range is hand screen printed using eco-friendly water-based inks. All of our fits and styles are timeless, classic and ethically made. Fashion is one of the most powerful vessels for spreading a movement, sparking ideas and conversations. Plant Faced Clothing represents a way of engaging with the world, raising awareness and spreading an ethical and cruelty-free movement in a unique way. Go ahead & plant that movement.

WHAT ARE PRENE BAGS MADE FROM?- Prene Bags are made from perforated neoprene (basically, a wetsuit.) Technically speaking, our bags are 95% neoprene and 5% polyester. That 5% is the exterior colour laminated onto the neoprene. MY BAG IS A BIT SQUISHED...HELP!- Due to the rigours of postage, your Prene Bag may arrive slightly out of shape - hang it up overnight on a handle or coat hanger - or speed up the process with a bit of steam (it will really bring your bag back to life) but DO NOT iron. Neoprene is a soft and flexible material and the shape can be manipulated as you like. Please remember your bag has been flat-packed in its package for some time and the shape will soften up - you can also pop the bag in the washing machine machine and hang/lay it out to dry to play around with the shape. HOW DO I CARE FOR MY PRENE BAG?- Give it some love! Although neoprene is an absolutely AMAZING fabric, it is also very delicate and our bags will show signs of wear and tear just like any other bag. The best way to keep your PB looking beautiful is to ensure it is placed down gently on any floor/surfaces, the bag is not overloaded, and the press studs are supported in use. Whilst we use high quality press studs, and reinforce where fitted, by its nature, perforated neoprene is a stretchy fabric. Please be gentle with press studs and they will last the life of the bag. Please avoid aggressive usage and support the bag behind the press studs when opening and closing. Please treat our METALLIC BAGS with particular care, as their fabulous shiny coating makes them much more delicate than our regular bags. Due to the woven nature of the rope handles, some loose bits may occur. Simply trim off any threads, and gently wave over the flame of a cigarette lighter to completely seal these up (don't worry your bag will not go up in flames!)

Four years ago, and two weeks before my wedding, Aric and I decided to say goodbye to our careers in corporate America and take the plunge as entrepreneurs. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the best timing, but let’s be honest: “timing” for a big leap of faith is never great. It started while we were backpacking through South America and saw old billboard vinyl being used as roofing. Blown away by the material’s versatility and durability (not to mention uniqueness and style), we jumped head first into the crazy idea of taking billboards and repurposing them into one-of-a-kind products. We knew nothing about manufacturing or retail. We did not even know what we were going to call our new business. We just knew unique billboards were all around us, and if we could turn those billboards into bags, we could make a cool product under a brand that was doing good.

SANIKAI is Switzerland’s first ethical & vegan fashion brand that represents style & quality in a conscious way. Founded in spring 2015 in Zurich by Sanaz Wasser and Kai Wasser, SANIKAI works on a basis of responsibility for our only planet and the love of natural or recycled materials fused with Swiss perfectionism. Timeless design with the highest ethics & quality demands are the heart of SANIKAI’s philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level, from the family-owned sewing studio in Switzerland to the ready to wear garment, the material procurement and the entire CI/CD of the company. For every garment, SANIKAI pays maximum attention to fabric selection, fitting and perfect quality. The company’s core reflects a positive and caring attitude towards the conscious choice to embrace life and wake up dormant senses.

April 2008- Sararose is accepted as one of the designers to debut her very first couture collection at NYFW. April to August 2008 - Sararose is working hard along with her team in LA to bring to life her one of a kind collection. July 2008- SR participated in our very first fashion show in New Jersey. Raising funds for Make a Wish Foundation. September 5, 2008- Our very first couture collection debuts at NYFW at Couture Fashion Week, and was a huge success. 2008 - 2010- Sararose graduates from FIDM with a degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management, launches her locally made, vegan R-T-W collection Stix and Roses, and is traveling the country participating in fashion shows benefiting various organizations across the world. In the summer of 2010, Sararose opens her very first brick and mortar boutique in Chicago, 'Stix and Roses', specializing in vegan, handmade, eco-friendly women's wear and custom design. 2010-2013- Sararose immerses herself and the brand into the Chicago fashion scene and hosts and participates in dozens of fundraising fashion shows and events. Sararose is named best Chicago designer + boutique in 2010 and 2012 by the Chicago Reader. October 2013- Sararose opens her second Brick and Mortar location at 67 East Oak Street, in Chicago's Gold Coast. In 2013 Sararose adds personal and professional wardrobe styling to her resume and list of services. From 2013- 2018, she has curated an impressive list of clientele including local media personalities, editorial styling, content creation, and movie credits for wardrobe. In 2014 she launched Dressed in Disney, along side designing and styling for SARAROSE and Stix and Roses. 2016- Working along side The Disney Company, Sararose has worked with Disney Style creating editorial content for their online publication. April 2016- In honor of Earth Day, Sararose is recognized by Teen Vogue as 1 of 8 fashion brands dedicated to saving the planet. April 2017- Sararose is recognized by Michigan Avenue Magazine as one of their Spring Power Players. In the same month she opens her first pop up location in the heart of Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood at 1714 N. Damen Ave. Summer 2017- Sararose works in editorial collaboration with Pixar and Disney to promote the release of Cars 3 in theaters. December 2018- Sararose hosts her annual Women to Watch Fashion Show and Event focusing on raising funds for rescue and relief efforts for displaced animals after a devastating hurricane season. 2018- SARAROSE finishes our successful pop up season on Damen Ave. We took the beginning of 2018 tore reassess our plans for the future. With new dreams and big goals, the SARAROSE brand will be branching off of Stix and Roses. We have some surprises coming up that we can't wait to share, in the meantime you can shop our ready-to-wear collection Stix and Roses, online at You can also find our other favorites: Cocovit, Matt & Nat, LVX, Meeka, Rosy Rings, and more. SARAROSE will be launching our new platform at This has long been a project on Sararose's heart and she can not wait to share it with you all. Stay tuned.

VEGAN VIBES, Ethically made, Slow fashion, Sustainability

SpiritHoods brings the adventurous Spirit of the wild into everyday life while helping to protect endangered animals. We encourage creating new experiences, giving back and community interaction through self expression. All Authentic Spirithoods ® are made in Los Angeles California, with the highest quality faux fur (fake fur). You can rest assured knowing that no animals are harmed during the creation of our products. In 2011 & 2012 we were honored to receive Peta Libby Award for Best Animal-friendly Clothing Company.

Born and raised in London and the English countryside, Stella McCartney graduated from Central St Martins in 1995. A signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity was immediately apparent in her first collection and after only two collections, in 1997, she was appointed the Creative Director of Chloe in Paris and enjoyed great success during her tenure. Stella McCartney launched her own fashion house under her name in a partnership with Kering as a 50/50 joint venture and showed her first collection in Paris in October 2001. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. Her collections include women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, lingerie, eyewear, fragrance and kids. Stella McCartney now operates 51 freestanding stores in locations including Manhattan’s Soho, London’s Mayfair and Brompton Cross, LA’s West Hollywood, Paris’ Palais Royal, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing. Her collections are now distributed in 77 countries through 863 doors including specialty shops, and department stores, as well as shipping to 100 countries online. Stella McCartney’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout all her collections and is part of the brand’s ethos to being a responsible, honest, and modern company.

WHO WE ARE est. 2008 | 10% of every purchase goes to Ocean Conservancy. Established in 2008, Chicago based fashion brand SARAROSE lives by way of: CRUELTY-FREE + VEGAN We love animals just the way they are. We wouldn't want them any other way! We want them to be the wild and free, beautiful creatures they are. So we are committed to cruelty free fashion, beauty and accessories. That means no animal testing, no fur, no leather, no wool, no skins. ALWAYS. Faux is the way to go. ALL NATURAL + ORGANIC The best things in life are natural and organic. Stix and Roses is handmade locally in Chicago from sustainable materials like: cupro, tencel, bamboo, linen, modal, organic cotton, etc... We care a lot about what we put on and into our bodies, our beauty collection is comprised of our favorite green beauty products. Organic and of course always vegan and cruelty free. MAGIC AND WONDER As a stylist, Sararose believe in a minimalist lifestyle approach. Owning less and wearing more. Curating collections that empower and inspire. We are all about classics with a twist. Any piece can look amazing... but its up to you. It's all about how you style it and how you wear it.

What's our Story? We wanted to create beautiful bags with tough details that vegans and non-vegans alike could enjoy. So we decided to create our own brand of non-leather vegan bags with a stylish edge. But this is just the start of a Story that started in '81 - the year our CEO and Founder was born – and the start of a journey into the love of handbags meets vegan. Our bags are available to order online and we lovingly pack and dispatch each order directly to you. We get rather excited sending you our bags and we hope you are just as excited to receive them. When you buy from a small business like ours, an actual person (Me!) does a little happy dance. Any questions? Feel free to contact us Our Story has just started, join us as it unfolds over on Instagram and Facebook.

Synergy Organic Clothing was founded by Kate Fisher during her first trip to Nepal in the fall of 1993. Inspired by the beautiful fabrics and textiles of South East Asia and by the friendships she made there, Kate returned home and began to design clothing based on this inspiration. The roots of Synergy were born. In the fall of 2006 she partnered with her husband Henry Schwab as the company began focusing on making eco conscious clothing. Together they formed a family operated business committed to producing clothing with the highest environmental and ethical principles. At the core, Synergy is not only committed to creating clothing with a minimal environmental impact, but also empowering men and women through ethical employment practices. As a family run business in Santa Cruz, California Kate and Henry are directly connected to all of the moving parts that make up the business, and are connected to Synergy’s family of employees both within the United States and overseas. Together they have been able to fuse their passion for clothing design and the care of our planet, by creating a sustainable business model that is cared for with great love and dedication. Thank you for being a part of our Synergy story.

As inspired and eager vegans, Talk Vegan To Me wanted to make a change in the world and had the determination to do something about it. They believe in the power of conversation, and know that apparel has the highest impact on a day-to-day basis in initiating conversations about veganism. In the words of Victor Hugo, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” and they certainly believe that time is now. The hope of Talk Vegan To Me is that when you wear TVTM Clothing, you feel empowered to share your story, to share your knowledge and to allow inspiration to radiate around you.

Sustainable Made from sustainable materials. They are transparent about their impact. Feel good, do good. Accessible Inclusive to body types. They're affordable but don't sacrifice on the quality of our products. They make it easy to wear. Comfortable Cozy materials, designed for function and comfort, fashionable and confident.

The vision for The Good Tee was originally conceived in 2008 when founder Adila Cokar, a responsible apparel manufacturing consultant, was on a sourcing trip in India and read about the ongoing issue of farmers in India committing suicide. With high levels of illiteracy and limited land holdings, many cotton farmers live in poverty - their sparse livelihoods dependent on middlemen or ginners who often buy their cotton at prices well below the cost of production. From seed to delivery, fashion - particularly so-called “fast fashion - is known to hurt the planet and the people that produce our goods. Adila’s strong relationships with apparel factories have brought her face to face with the many struggles factories face in the race to get goods shipped on time. That’s why The Good Tee champions responsible manufacture - slower production schedules, ethical working conditions, and fair deals for all. After receiving fair trade certification, Adila made it her mission to make it easier for consumers and businesses to source the kind of supply chain which supports responsibly manufactured apparel.

Josh and Michelle started Herbivore in 2002 in the spare bedroom of our apartment in SE PDX. Why? Well, we wanted good looking clothes, ethically made, that would show the world we believed animals deserved respect, love, and to be free from harm. We wanted to spread the word about living cruelty-free. We spent a few years in spare bedrooms in Portland, shipping our clothing all over the world before we took the leap to open our first little store. And by little, I mean one lap around without missing anything took about 40 seconds. We stocked our ever-expanding clothing line alongside an ever-expanding line of vegan cookbooks. We filled the rest of the store with cruelty-free belts, bags, and wallets. Then, in 2007, we got together with Lisa, the founder of Sweetpea Baking Company, Chad and Emiko of Food Fight! Vegan Grocery, and Brian and John of Scapegoat Tattoo, and we moved down to SE 12th and Stark Streets. The Vegan Mini-Mall was born. It started as a joke, but the name stuck. A lot has changed over the years, but the core belief and drive behind the vegan mini-mall hasn't. Basically, ethical veganism is awesome, you can be one, too! All while eating a donut with one hand, sipping a soy latte with the other, wearing ethically made, fashionable clothing as you wait for your tattoo appointment to begin in a shop that uses vegan ink and supplies. As for Herbivore, we have spent all these years designing rad clothing, as well as manufacturing belts and wallets. We have hosted countless events, co-founded an animal rights conference, and spoken at vegfests. We've published some books. We've travelled the country tabling at events. We've donated our time at sanctuaries, and donated our skills to lots of organizations in the form of pro-bono design work. We have raised lots and lots of money for animal rights organizations and sanctuaries, as well as other social justice movements. We believe these movements are linked and the oppression of one is the oppression of us all. We believe in animal liberation and human liberation are the same cause, so we fight for both. Our approach has always been to show veganism as a positive choice that gives you back so much more than you give up. Compassion Is Invincible!

We started The Vegan Vibe because my brother and I always wanted to do something ‘big’ with our passions. So The Vegan Vibe simply originated from the idea; lets try it out and see how the response is. We did our research into other vegan clothing brands and we found that it’s really hard to start a true vegan clothing brand since you have to take many things into account. For starters, your clothing needs to be ethically/cruelty-free produced, you need to find manufacturers who are WRAP certified, your need to find WRAP certified manufacturers who also have competitive pricing, and you need to find WRAP certified manufacturers who also have competitive pricing and those who use cruelty-free inkt! These are just a few issues we had to deal with, but trust me when I say that there are many more… So laying the groundwork has been really time-consuming (much more than we anticipated) and it cost us lot of frustration as well! . *Time Jump* 6 Months in, we’re so thankful and grateful that we never gave up during the initial phases of the brand. The response that we’ve been receiving about our brand has been overwhelming, unexpected and pure love. Seriously, we can’t thank you guys enough for trusting us as your main source of vegan clothing. We’re really happy that we can spread the message, inspire, improve people’s lives, align fashion with ethics, follow our own passion and save animals. Yes, we’re happy about a lot of things. We started this brand with the intention to spread the vegan message. This has always been and will always be our core mission. But we noticed in these past 6 months that The Vegan Vibe is for many vegans more than just a vegan clothing brand. We get asked many times by non-vegans how to go vegan, or if we could share vegan recipes, information about veganism and so forth and so on. We really don’t want to say that we’ve become the ‘Google’ for veganism, but to be completely honest with you; that’s what we’re trying to achieve. Our goal for The Vegan Vibe is to be more than just a vegan clothing brand. We want to be your source of everything that’s relevant in the vegan community. We try to be actively involved in the community, whether it’s engaging through social media/email, putting out a blog post, giving away free gear, attending vegfests etcetera. We want to thank you for choosing us as your vegan clothing brand to shop from. With your help we will continue to develop the brand such as adding different products to our collection, improving the quality of our apparel and make the message of The Vegan Vibe louder and louder! We took a shot at our dreams, and look how far it brought us. If you're waiting for a sign, this is yours! Krishan & Aswin Founders of The Vegan Vibe

Welcome! has been online since January 2000 with the goal of promoting and providing support for your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. We offer authoritative information on a wide array of topics, from health & nutrition to animal rights issues to agriculture & environment. Additionally, we offer complete online vegan shopping including vegan footwear, clothing & accessories, a huge selection of foods, personal care products, books, videos, and plenty more. We are unique in that we donate 5% of the amount of every single purchase you make (not merely 5% of net profits) to vegan and animal rights organizations.

Time IV Change we believes in forward motion, and your infinite ability to shape the world around you. This is why they've created a way for you to express your values and feel confident at the same time. The way they do this is through their collection of classic-style handcrafted vegan watches. All of their timepieces are cruelty-free and Peta-approved which means they’ve been verified as animal-friendly. Time IV Change works work hard to make sure the materials they use have minimal impact on the environment. This means a positive outcome for everyone involved in their movement.

We aim to clean up a dirty apparel industry, educate people on sustainable practices, and inspire folks to live their fullest lives. From our California headquarters to our storefronts across the country, we do our part to be good neighbors everywhere you find the Toad. You’ll find us volunteering with local non-profits and creating opportunities for adults with disabilities. You’ll find our name signed on petitions to support carbon caps, reduce fossil fuels and keep public lands public. We’ve been named one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work eleven years in a row and our annual Grilled Cheese Smackdown will go down in history as the cheesiest, most gourmet battle of humankind. We’re a bunch of dreamers and mountain movers, preaching the gospel of sustainability and spontaneity – because every day is an adventure.

We're a zero waste, ethical fashion brand on a big mission, to reduce waste generated by larger factories and change the way business is done in the fashion industry. Our process starts with scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers. Using every last thread, we create handmade clothing and accessories signed by their Cambodian makers. Our family of employees is made up of individuals with spirit, drive and dreams. Together, we’ve built a supportive environment where everyone expresses themselves freely, learns new skills, and gains confidence in what they do. We believe style is more than what you wear – it’s what you choose to be a part of. At tonlé, when we say every thread matters, we mean it. From the people who work on your clothing to using every single scrap of fabric that comes through our workshop, we care about every step in the process of getting a piece of clothing to your hands, and each person who touches it along the way. We've partnered with Greenstory to help quantify the impact of your purchases with tonlé, which you can now see on each product page.

Truth Belts knows that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel to be cool. In this day and age, you can be both stylish and ethical. My intention with Truth is to create high-quality, vegan fashion – and to have a LOT of fun along the way! For as long as I remember, I’ve loved creating things. In high school, I started designing my own clothes, and it opened up a whole new world for me. I was thrilled by the idea of turning my new hobby into a career path, and chose to do a degree in Fashion Design at Ryerson University in Toronto. After graduation, I worked for various companies, designing skiwear, backpacks, and soft-sided coolers. Along the way, I gained an extensive knowledge of man-made, technical materials and, when the time came to design and create products of my own, I naturally gravitated toward what I knew.

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO At Urban Expressions, we don’t compromise—on ethics or style. Our company was founded in 2005 by two conscious entrepreneurs who wanted to revolutionize the industry with chic animal-friendly handbags that meet the needs of the everyday woman. Always on the cusp of big city street trends but rooted in enduring style, our design team is driven by a desire to create luxury vegan accessories that make a distinct fashion-forward statement. All Urban Expressions products are certified by and PETA. We take pride in making products that meet the animal-safety of these two well-respected organizations, so you can feel comfortable with our products and stay focused on the look and feel of our collections. A FASHION EDITOR FAVORITE Loved for our high-quality, trend-setting designs, we’ve been recognized by some of the biggest players in the industry. A go-to among fashion editors, Urban Expressions handbags and accessories are a mainstay on the glossy pages of the most influential fashion magazines and on the arms of the chicest women across the globe.

We create drop-dead gorgeous bags that are uber practical. We don’t use any animal leather in our designs. We have taken a stand against animal cruelty and the leather industry and its impact on animals, people and our planet. We only use materials that are cruelty free. While we are passionate about fashion and design, we also care deeply about the world we live in. For this reason, we’ve worked hard to make Urban Originals as environmentally and ethically responsible as possible. We use the finest quality vegan leathers and recycled materials where possible and we work to very low chemical requirements. So when you buy Urban Originals, you can feel as good as you look. We believe that the future of fashion should be ethical and sustainable. We ensure all our products are made in fair trade conditions and have passed Department Store and Industry ethical standards. Urban Originals designs can now be found in boutiques across Australia, the United States, Japan, South Korea and the UK. Our products are designed in Australia, however we are now based out of both Sydney and Los Angeles. We also proudly donate 10% of our profits to causes for human rights. Close to our heart is the issue of slavery and human trafficking in our modern world. There are more slaves across the world than ever before. According to the United Nations, 46 million people are in slavery worldwide and more than 10 million of these are children. As part of our social responsibility program we donate to organisations to help prevent human trafficking and to help free these slaves.

SHIPPING & PACKAGING Most orders are packaged in plastic waterproof recycling material. Shipping takes 2-5 business days in US and approx. 10 business day to the rest of the world. CUSTOMS: International buyers may have to pay additional customs fees associated with accepting a foreign package. Please check with your post office for any extra fees before ordering. REFUNDS All items are handmade and therefore sold AS IS with no refunds, unless damaged or not as described.

VeganEssentials is an online store with our warehouse and office located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We have been in business since early 1997, and are currently the USA's longest-operating cruelty-free retailer, filling the needs of vegans worldwide for over 20 years. We're vegan owned and operated and specialize in only offering the highest quality animal-free and cruelty-free products - our mission is to offer unparalleled service and selection all in one location, making us a one-stop shopping destination for all things vegan. And, unlike ordering from the “big guys” online, when you shop with us, you keep your money in the vegan community – no more worrying about what percentage of your order is going to subsidize things you don’t believe in, as all orders placed with us will help support further growth to only offer more vegan items and nothing else. How many places can you shop online that you can feel comfortable knowing will only use your money to support veganism further? Not many, but with us, that will always be the situation, as has been for over 20 years now since we first began. If it’s not vegan-friendly, we won’t offer it, period - that's our guarantee to you, as if it doesn't meet our personal vegan ethics, you won't find it in our store. So, no needing to worry about checking labels and ingredient lists on the items we sell to scrutinize for hidden animal ingredients, because there aren't any - we've done the work for you, so you can shop in confidence that as a vegan, you'll be able to trust the items we offer. Founded by Courtney and Sue Ernster in 1997, our original product selection was originally only available by mail order through printed catalogs, but over the years we have evolved to be internet-based for showcasing our product selection in order to reduce paper waste and make shopping as fast and easy as possible. We've grown to a staff of 8 to serve the vegan community by offering the largest selection of cruelty-free items in one location while making your shopping experience pleasant and convenient. Every product that leaves our store is a vote in favor of supporting cruelty-free options to make for a kinder planet! We’re a small business, but we’re fast and efficient. We work around the clock to get orders out as quickly as we can, because we know that nobody likes waiting too long to get what they’ve ordered, so we do our best to ship every order as quickly as possible. Our small size also allows us to give much more personal and individualized service than many other retailers, so that where other stores may be tough to get a reply from whenever you have a question, we pride ourselves on making sure to help with anything you need as quickly as possible! All of the 1500+ vegan items you’ll find on our website are stocked here at our location so that we can get things out to you as quickly as possible, in one box, just the way you’d like! While we no longer have a retail storefront, if you are local to the Waukesha area or happen to be passing through, you can also place orders online to pick up at our warehouse in order to save on shipping costs (please see our FAQ section for details). If you would like to stop by to pick up an order you have placed online or if you need to try on or see an item before buying, please call ahead and we will be glad to assist. Our local number is 262-574-7761, and we are able to accommodate pick-ups or trying on items between Monday and Friday by appointment (Monday - Thursday from 9 to 6, Friday from 9 to 3. Simply order online, call your order in to our toll-free line at 1-866-88-VEGAN, or mail us a list of what you need and we'll work to get you the products you'd like wherever in the world you’re located!

We are a company of the future. A future where anyone can acquire plant-based cruelty free products and have them delivered directly to their home. Here at VNA Our vision is quite grand, We want to “Change the World One Vegan at a Time” So whether you need a Toothbrush, Hemp Shirt, make-up, lotion, or just need to browse our posts for lifestyle information-We will be there for you. We believe in the movement. We believe in a plant-based, cruelty free society by 2050. We believe in a Vegan Nation. We have a simple motto here at VNA “Wear Your Conscience” with that in mind we knew we couldn’t just be an Apparel company we are a One Stop Shop for everything Vegan from T-Shirts to Toothbrushes and much more. every day we add more products at an affordable price to make your life easier. At VNA Our Mission is simple, make life as a Vegan easy. This means providing the best products, more options, and taking the guess work out of buying products. Our team has done the work in sourcing the best Vegan Products available and getting them to you.

EVERY PURCHASE HELPS A RESCUE FARM ANIMAL Every time you buy something from our store, we're able to donate to amazing UK sanctuaries that are dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and slaughter. OUR APPAREL IS ETHICALLY CRAFTED TOO We know how much our customers care about people and the planet. We do too. We promise that any tees you order from us will come from a W.R.A.P Gold certified facility. Meaning: AND YOU'LL LOVE YOUR NEW TEE Our premium tees are 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. They wash well, feel soft to the touch, and fit beautifully.

Our Mission to Lighter Living: At Valani, we’re on a mission of Lighter Living. We’re mothers and daughters with a stake in our future, and stewards of a planet that needs our help. We believe in the interconnectedness of all things, and that self love and love for the earth are inextricably linked. That’s what inspired us to create a brand that is fun and flirty with the smallest footprint possible. Because helping the environment doesn’t have to be crunchy or boring. Bridging the Sustainable Style Gap: Let’s be honest, sustainability and fashion haven’t always been friends. There’s the frumpy, the boxy and the bland. But did it have to be that way, or were they simply trying to meet a different generation's demands? Lucky for you, we’re bridging the gap between sustainability and flowy, feminine style. Inspired by nature. Inspired by you: Women and nature have so much in common. They’re bold, resilient, and full of intrinsic beauty. They’re strong when they need to be, and soft when it matters most. Their cycles are constantly changing, yet somehow steadfast. It’s that movement and strength that inspires our aesthetic - feminine lines with a touch of the ethereal.

All of Vegetaryn's suppliers are WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) - WRAP certifies its suppliers based on twelve principles which range from health and safety, to environment, to the prohibition of forced labor. Vegetaryn only works with companies who align with her ethics!

From latin “virare” means to become, plus the word "chic" that is universally used to indicate someone or something that is elegantly and stylishly fashionable, combined together you get vireChic, or “becoming chic” because I think that you really become chic when you wear pieces that support a FASHION that is a FORCE FOR GOOD that spreads Social Consciousness and, eventually: - Respect the Planet and promote environment responsibility - Preserve global culture by keeping cultural traditions alive using handmade artisan skills such as knitting, weaving, embroidery - Empower women artisans - Promote transparency in the production chain

Launched in 2015, von Holzhausen is a Malibu–based collection of accessories with a focus on design, sustainability, and quality of life. The line offers a well–edited assortment of essential, easy to wear bags and accessories in timeless palettes, at prices that leave out the traditional retail mark–up. Award–winning designer Vicki von Holzhausen began her career in the automotive industry, working for Audi and Mercedes–Benz in Europe. There she won numerous honors and saw many of her concepts come to life. After returning to her native Los Angeles, she sought to create a brand combining her technical expertise with an ethical approach to consumerism in order to offer products that add value to the world. We take a responsible approach to sourcing all our materials to ensure that the highest standards are met regarding sustainability and the impact to the environment. Technik–leather is a 100% animal free, intelligent material with science behind it. It is meticulously designed to have the supple hand of traditional leather combined with the durability of an engineered performance fabric, making it a truly premium material. Technik–leather is made with the utmost concern for the environment and with care for the long–term impact on our present and future life. The manufacturing processes used to create it focuses on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions, and a minimal dependency on natural resources. 99% of solvents used in processing our Technik–leather are recaptured and recycled. ECHNIK–LEATHER ADVANTAGES INCLUDE: 100% Vegan and animal friendly | No Formaldehyde or Chromium | No Off Gassing and Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) | No Waste Factor | No Flaws | Crack Resistant | Odorless | Half the weight of leather | No PVC | No Toxic by–products HONEST PRICING We sell our products directly to you exclusively through That allows us the opportunity to leave out the traditional retail mark–up so that you are getting our product for what would normally be the wholesale price. MADE IN THE USA We make all of our bags and accessories in the USA not only to keep the artisan tradition and knowhow alive at home, but to ensure that all the those who work on our products receive fair wages and benefits. In fact, most of the craftsmen who create our products are paid well above the minimum wage since our bags are labor intensive to produce at the quality we accept. Ultimately, US production results in both a superior quality product and minimal ecological footprint. GIVING BACK Giving back is an integral part of life. Since we design for women, we give back to women–centered charities. Our current charity partner, Hope Gardens is focused on helping women regain independence through long-term rehabilitation programs and support services. Located in the heart of Skid Row, the homeless center of Los Angeles, Hope Gardens’ primary facility is positioned to deal with these women’s most urgent needs.

You're a badass who challenges the status quo and fights for what you believe in. So are we. We believe you should be able to speak your mind without even having to say a word. That’s why we make casual apparel with a message. It's totally vegan, a little edgy, a bit suggestive, and slightly offensive. We are not sorry. That’s what WearBareBones is about. That’s the message we want to promote to anyone who cares - and especially to those who don’t. That’s #VeganAF.

I started Will’s Vegan Shoes with a passion to provide animal and human friendly shoes with high-street styles and prices. My dream is to bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically produced vegan shoes. Will’s Vegan Shoes is about getting the latest fashions out there at a fair prices, while not hurting animals or people in the process. No matter who you are or where you’re going in life, Will’s Vegan Shoes are there for when you want to Make a Positive Choice. The entire range is free of animal products while workers protected by European employment and safety law. Will’s Vegan Shoes really is an animal and human friendly company. My contemporary designs echo the high street trends, packed into four seasons giving you a year round alternative. Will’s Vegan Shoes are designed with quality in mind. The range is created with microfibers that look, wear, breathe and resist water just like leather. I believe buying something well made saves money, provides something to cherish and is better for our environment. Best of all my shoes match the high street prices helping drop the barriers to living an ethical life. Will Green

SUSTAINABILITY We are responsible for constantly evolving to be better for humanity and our planet. Our commitment to sustainability starts with our products. We source the latest environmentally-friendly and accredited materials that are BlueSign approved so that our products are long lasting and not causing harm to our environment. Together with local manufacturing in Canada we are able to decrease our carbon footprint and minimize pollution. It is our movement to be better than before for future generations. MADE IN CANADA Our commitment to local manufacturing enables us to partner with experts in our community and ensure they receive the Wuxly warmth. We work with manufacturers and suppliers that are mainly from Canada because we support Canadians. Being made in Canada ensures our Canadian experts who are making our apparel are receiving Canadian wages, have a safe work environment and are being treated with respect and warmth. The people who make our apparel are just as important as those who wear our products. QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP We are dedicated to rebuilding our national tradition of craftsmanship and quality within Canada. Our Canadian apparel is crafted with care by Canadian experts and designed to last for years to come (see our our Warmth Guarantee). It’s our focus to make innovative and stylish designed modern classics fit for any climate. By wearing a Wuxly jacket you are telling the world that you believe in a better future for your planet and it's people.