SUSTAINABILITY We are responsible for constantly evolving to be better for humanity and our planet. Our commitment to sustainability starts with our products. We source the latest environmentally-friendly and accredited materials that are BlueSign approved so that our products are long lasting and not causing harm to our environment. Together with local manufacturing in Canada we are able to decrease our carbon footprint and minimize pollution. It is our movement to be better than before for future generations. MADE IN CANADA Our commitment to local manufacturing enables us to partner with experts in our community and ensure they receive the Wuxly warmth. We work with manufacturers and suppliers that are mainly from Canada because we support Canadians. Being made in Canada ensures our Canadian experts who are making our apparel are receiving Canadian wages, have a safe work environment and are being treated with respect and warmth. The people who make our apparel are just as important as those who wear our products. QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP We are dedicated to rebuilding our national tradition of craftsmanship and quality within Canada. Our Canadian apparel is crafted with care by Canadian experts and designed to last for years to come (see our our Warmth Guarantee). It’s our focus to make innovative and stylish designed modern classics fit for any climate. By wearing a Wuxly jacket you are telling the world that you believe in a better future for your planet and it's people.

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