Launched in 2015, von Holzhausen is a Malibu–based collection of accessories with a focus on design, sustainability, and quality of life. The line offers a well–edited assortment of essential, easy to wear bags and accessories in timeless palettes, at prices that leave out the traditional retail mark–up. Award–winning designer Vicki von Holzhausen began her career in the automotive industry, working for Audi and Mercedes–Benz in Europe. There she won numerous honors and saw many of her concepts come to life. After returning to her native Los Angeles, she sought to create a brand combining her technical expertise with an ethical approach to consumerism in order to offer products that add value to the world. We take a responsible approach to sourcing all our materials to ensure that the highest standards are met regarding sustainability and the impact to the environment. Technik–leather is a 100% animal free, intelligent material with science behind it. It is meticulously designed to have the supple hand of traditional leather combined with the durability of an engineered performance fabric, making it a truly premium material. Technik–leather is made with the utmost concern for the environment and with care for the long–term impact on our present and future life. The manufacturing processes used to create it focuses on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions, and a minimal dependency on natural resources. 99% of solvents used in processing our Technik–leather are recaptured and recycled. ECHNIK–LEATHER ADVANTAGES INCLUDE: 100% Vegan and animal friendly | No Formaldehyde or Chromium | No Off Gassing and Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) | No Waste Factor | No Flaws | Crack Resistant | Odorless | Half the weight of leather | No PVC | No Toxic by–products HONEST PRICING We sell our products directly to you exclusively through That allows us the opportunity to leave out the traditional retail mark–up so that you are getting our product for what would normally be the wholesale price. MADE IN THE USA We make all of our bags and accessories in the USA not only to keep the artisan tradition and knowhow alive at home, but to ensure that all the those who work on our products receive fair wages and benefits. In fact, most of the craftsmen who create our products are paid well above the minimum wage since our bags are labor intensive to produce at the quality we accept. Ultimately, US production results in both a superior quality product and minimal ecological footprint. GIVING BACK Giving back is an integral part of life. Since we design for women, we give back to women–centered charities. Our current charity partner, Hope Gardens is focused on helping women regain independence through long-term rehabilitation programs and support services. Located in the heart of Skid Row, the homeless center of Los Angeles, Hope Gardens’ primary facility is positioned to deal with these women’s most urgent needs.

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