Our Mission to Lighter Living: At Valani, we’re on a mission of Lighter Living. We’re mothers and daughters with a stake in our future, and stewards of a planet that needs our help. We believe in the interconnectedness of all things, and that self love and love for the earth are inextricably linked. That’s what inspired us to create a brand that is fun and flirty with the smallest footprint possible. Because helping the environment doesn’t have to be crunchy or boring. Bridging the Sustainable Style Gap: Let’s be honest, sustainability and fashion haven’t always been friends. There’s the frumpy, the boxy and the bland. But did it have to be that way, or were they simply trying to meet a different generation's demands? Lucky for you, we’re bridging the gap between sustainability and flowy, feminine style. Inspired by nature. Inspired by you: Women and nature have so much in common. They’re bold, resilient, and full of intrinsic beauty. They’re strong when they need to be, and soft when it matters most. Their cycles are constantly changing, yet somehow steadfast. It’s that movement and strength that inspires our aesthetic - feminine lines with a touch of the ethereal.

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