WHO WE ARE est. 2008 | 10% of every purchase goes to Ocean Conservancy. Established in 2008, Chicago based fashion brand SARAROSE lives by way of: CRUELTY-FREE + VEGAN We love animals just the way they are. We wouldn't want them any other way! We want them to be the wild and free, beautiful creatures they are. So we are committed to cruelty free fashion, beauty and accessories. That means no animal testing, no fur, no leather, no wool, no skins. ALWAYS. Faux is the way to go. ALL NATURAL + ORGANIC The best things in life are natural and organic. Stix and Roses is handmade locally in Chicago from sustainable materials like: cupro, tencel, bamboo, linen, modal, organic cotton, etc... We care a lot about what we put on and into our bodies, our beauty collection is comprised of our favorite green beauty products. Organic and of course always vegan and cruelty free. MAGIC AND WONDER As a stylist, Sararose believe in a minimalist lifestyle approach. Owning less and wearing more. Curating collections that empower and inspire. We are all about classics with a twist. Any piece can look amazing... but its up to you. It's all about how you style it and how you wear it.

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