WHAT ARE PRENE BAGS MADE FROM?- Prene Bags are made from perforated neoprene (basically, a wetsuit.) Technically speaking, our bags are 95% neoprene and 5% polyester. That 5% is the exterior colour laminated onto the neoprene. MY BAG IS A BIT SQUISHED...HELP!- Due to the rigours of postage, your Prene Bag may arrive slightly out of shape - hang it up overnight on a handle or coat hanger - or speed up the process with a bit of steam (it will really bring your bag back to life) but DO NOT iron. Neoprene is a soft and flexible material and the shape can be manipulated as you like. Please remember your bag has been flat-packed in its package for some time and the shape will soften up - you can also pop the bag in the washing machine machine and hang/lay it out to dry to play around with the shape. HOW DO I CARE FOR MY PRENE BAG?- Give it some love! Although neoprene is an absolutely AMAZING fabric, it is also very delicate and our bags will show signs of wear and tear just like any other bag. The best way to keep your PB looking beautiful is to ensure it is placed down gently on any floor/surfaces, the bag is not overloaded, and the press studs are supported in use. Whilst we use high quality press studs, and reinforce where fitted, by its nature, perforated neoprene is a stretchy fabric. Please be gentle with press studs and they will last the life of the bag. Please avoid aggressive usage and support the bag behind the press studs when opening and closing. Please treat our METALLIC BAGS with particular care, as their fabulous shiny coating makes them much more delicate than our regular bags. Due to the woven nature of the rope handles, some loose bits may occur. Simply trim off any threads, and gently wave over the flame of a cigarette lighter to completely seal these up (don't worry your bag will not go up in flames!)

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