PETIT VOUR was founded by current co-CEO Madeline Alcott. Growing dissatisfied with the lack of transparency in the beauty and fashion industries, she longed for a store that would indulge her dreamy, fanciful side, while also adhering to an ethical code. Realizing that others shared this desire, Madeline went on to build a lifestyle brand that catered to modern, educated women with a softness for animals, nature, and life’s little luxuries. Named after her favorite tea-time treat (but with a decidedly progressive twist, as a nod to veganism), PETIT VOUR went live in the spring of 2013. We now operate in Austin, Texas, serving over 10,000 women worldwide, each and every month. PETIT VOUR holds brands to the highest caliber to ensure that every discovery brought to our audience meets our gold standard of ethics, performance, and aesthetic, or as we like to call it, the crème de la cruelty-free™. By pushing brands to provide greater transparency, fair labor practices as well as cleaner ingredients and materials, we are making ethical luxury more accessible than ever. As we grow, we will continue to raise the bar, partnering with brands and designers in an effort to expand their collections, all the while bringing clean, cruelty-free innovations to the market. OUR MISSION To create a more compassionate, beautiful world by celebrating life —in every form—with intelligence and enthusiasm. To indulge our dreamy, fanciful, and fun side by making ethical luxury more accessible than ever. To invest in our own future, by making the most of our every day. OUR VALUES Compassion. Quality. Integrity. We strive to embody these three values in everything we do: from what and how we curate to how we handle customer care; and ultimately, how we interact with the world. We believe kindness is strength, humility is bold, integrity takes courage, and ethics trump all. We believe everything should be done with love and intention or not at all. OUR STANDARD Top-performing. Ethically-made. Safe ingredients. Exceptional aesthetic. Finding the crème de la anything requires a lot of sifting. Finding the best in cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle is no different. Before a product reaches a PETIT VOUR shelf, it’s passed through a four-step sifting process, focused on performance, ingredients, ethics and aesthetic. OUR CURATION PROCESS One by one, we do away with the underperforming, the unclean, the unfairly- or cruelly-made, and the underwhelming, until we are left with the gold standard: high-performing, top-shelf formulations that go above and beyond to impress, with healthy, non-toxic, plant-derived ingredients, manufactured ethically with fair labor practices and without animal testing, and a gorgeous aesthetic that is coveted by all. NGREDIENTS No animal ingredients, ever. We never include harmful ingredients, and always strive to better our standard as we continue to grow. For a full list of ingredients we will never allow in any of our products, visit the Restricted Ingredients page. ETHICS We are wholly cruelty-free. This means absolutely NO animal testing or partnering with brands who sell in countries where animal testing is required and NO manufacturing in countries with lower worker standards than the USA, unless the brand can provide clear proof of fair worker standards. We actively push our brands, our partners, and ourselves for greater transparency. AESTHETIC We want to ensure that every discovery you make at PETIT VOUR is not only good for you, your body, animals, and the environment, but looks fantastic on your vanity too.

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