We didn’t set out to start, or end a controversy with vegan shoes, we just wanted to engineer shoes we could be proud of, ethically and ecologically. The first NICORA shoes were made with vegan leather and we remain adamant in our standards. We invest the bulk of profits on research, development, and testing to bring you the best materials. We call it Kind Leather. NICORA is founded and run by a third generation female shoemaker, and our shoes are made in the USA, constructed on vintage molds using classical shoemaking techniques. All of this makes NICORA a one of a kind company: based on science, founded on ethics, and run by women. As a company we've dedicated ourselves to the well-being of our employees and the environment, as well as making strides in sustainability. We keep everything from thread to sole, made in America, with American sourced materials, made by American hands. We're proud to be uncompromising with our values, and even employ environmental and technological researchers to ensure we are always on the cutting edge and can see behind the curtain. We hold ourselves to high standards, and want to address all of your concerns. All while making the most comfortable, ethical shoes you will ever own.

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