We work with some of the best and softest eco-friendly plant fibers around. Our favorites are: organic cotton, bamboo, and soy. As a small company, it is impossible to do everything ourselves. We have to partner with other awesome companies doing awesome things to bring you awesome stuff. We have sourced fabrics from only the best suppliers who monitor their supply chains, standards, certifications, and so on to bring us-- and subsequently YOU-- the best fabrics in the sustainable field! We work with some of the best factories in the NY garment industry to bring you the highest quality and most ethically created clothing. When there are initiatives and programs to "Save The Garment Center" you know that overseas production has taken its toll on American manufacturing, jobs, and preserving our history! Miakoda was created solely for sustainability. The fashion industry at large is deeply exploitative in every way. We came into existence in the hopes of reimagining fashion as compassionate, using practices and materials that respect the planet and all its inhabitants. The sustainable fashion community is largely white washed, which is why we aim to be sustainable in a 3 dimensional way-- in terms of materials, labor practices, and socially. Social sustainability is just as imperative as choosing materials and labor practices. It is of utmost importance to us that Miakoda is inclusive and represents all of you, from the models you see, to the sizes for purchase, to the collaborators we work with. Sustainability can only go so far, right? WRONG. We strive to do everything right from start to finish. All of our packing materials are 100% recycled. The amount of fabric that goes to landfill is tremendous. When we learned how much waste is produced during production, we knew we had to find a better option for our scraps. We’ve created our zero waste collection as a way to give our scraps a second life and keep them out of landfills!

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