Fashion, long governed by the seasons, the globalization of the market and trends, is aujourd ' exceeded hui by the ever-increasing demand and implicit obligation to always offer more. In response to this chaos, Jarod-Pi returns to the source of the 'art of' clothing: pi è such as ' we see through their character è precious and re rarity. Mass production of disposable clothing is an obsolete concept. In the interests of anti-waste, we have imagined a new way of consuming fashion: to create pieces in extra-limited quantities (50 pieces, no more, no less) produced to order, whatever the year or the season. . To meet this commitment, we design models that will cross trends without ever failing their primary goal: to dress with style and allow everyone to express themselves through clothing. Every day, Jarod-Pi makes it a point of honor to move forward in the direction of progress and to be in line with its values. Therefore, since the end of the ' year 2019, the brand produces exclusively in France. And in the interests of transparency and traceability, each piece leaves our partner workshop stamped with a number which proves that like you, our clothes are unique.

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