Jaan J. caters to the needs of those who appreciate quality vegan ties and cotton ties because they do not wear silk for health or personal reasons. We at Jaan J. have made it our mission to produce the best non silk vegan ties for those who want the best neckties and need the best neck ties for their mind, body, and soul. For years, many of us here at Jaan J. were relegated to inferior non silk ties and cotton ties of poor workmanship and undesirable style. We grew tired of searching for high quality non silk vegan ties, and calling local tie stores for cotton ties was always embarrassing to say the least. We no longer wanted to scour the internet looking for a classic non silk striped vegan tie or a timeless non silk black tie to go with a business suit. Moreover, we wanted high quality vegan ties that lived up to our professional and personal standards of fashion. We needed non silk neck ties for us; therefore, we needed non silk neck ties from us. With all that in mind, we started Jaan J. Initially, the idea of creating high quality non silk ties was more self-serving than anything else. With time, however, we realized two things: the great demand for our luxurious non-silk ties and how we were providing a necessary public service for family, friends and a global community who shared our same concerns about silk and cruelty free ties. Thousands of vegan neck ties later and a new website to receive the many "thank you" letters from delighted executives, grateful wives' of managers, and happy children of professionals for our non silk neck ties, we are happy to present you with Jaan J.'s ties online. We hope you discover that our new vegan ties will allow you to display your own individuality as well as give you what you need to properly accent your suits - a classy necktie. So, feel at ease and browse as much as you like. You are now at home - at The Home of Non Silk Vegan Ties.

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