#BETHECHANGE CRUELTY FREE We started our mission in the early nineties, as the first company to make a winter jacket out of hemp. We have since created a fashion revolution in outerwear using hemp, the earth’s strongest natural fiber. Our clothes, rooted in conscious design and crafted from the highest quality organic and recycled materials, prove that there is a better way. A cruelty-free way. We are the voice of a style revolution that lives in harmony with nature, join us. CONSCIOUS DESIGN Crafted using premium hemp, HoodLamb jackets combine pure strength with classic design. Each jacket is the result of twenty years experience in hemp tailoring and eco-innovation. Our clothes, from durable outerwear to soft-knits, bring together the best organic and recycled materials with advanced eco-treatments to ensure pure comfort and total protection from the cold. OUR ALLIES The fashion outerwear industry is one of the most cruel and polluting on the planet, at an enormous cost to animals, humans, and the environment. Because of the daunting challenges facing us, we believe it will take a global community of passionate fighters to create true and lasting change. Together with these allies and our combined supporters, we are part of a movement to forge a better way ahead. Sea Shepherd HoodLamb has proudly collaborated with Sea Shepherd since 2010 as both apparel partner and committed supporter of their cause to defend marine wildlife worldwide. Custom designs created in collaboration with Sea Shepherd and tested at arctic temperatures make this the ultimate gear for even the most extreme climates. Ten percent of all HoodLamb Sea Shepherd sales go to support Sea Shepherd expeditions worldwide. PETA As official PETA approved brand, and committed supporter of PETA’s mission to eliminate all animal cruelty in fashion - we fight together to hold the outerwear industry to a higher standard. One Percent For The Planet As a member company HoodLamb contributes at least one percent of annual revenue to help create a more healthy planet.

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