Where do clothes come from? How does cotton become a t-shirt? Who does the work, and under what conditions? These are the simple questions that often go unasked--and unanswered--by many of today's top clothing brands. ETHCS is different. We care. And we know you care. We care about looking good, and we believe no one should suffer for it. The workers who produce our clothes are protected under the Fair Wear Foundation, which means: X No child labor X No forced labor X No employee discrimination X No excessive work hours O Safe and healthy working conditions O Fair living wage O Legal labor contracts O Freedom of association Fair Wear Foundation Logo None of the bad. Just the good stuff. Playful, ethical activism where everyone wins. Shop with us and look great--guilt free. We pride ourselves on high quality goods. Not only is Organic Cotton better for the environment, it feels better than cheap cotton and holds its colour and shape better wash after wash. We produce clothing that lasts and our customers know this! We use little packaging and no frills with our products. You're buying our clothing for the ethics in production, the message and the quality. We don't use fancy swing tags or over-the-top labelling. We keep it to a minimum and let the products speak for itself. We thank you for your faith in our service and for supporting our brand. Sincerely, Tim Shieff, founder

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