“Born from a relentless passion for plant-based living” Earth Supply is a two-person operation born from a relentless passion for plant-based living. As a young couple of lean (and by lean, we mean broke) entrepreneurs, we started this company after graduating from college, both while working full-time jobs. Our ultimate goal is not to make money. We strive to perpetuate the fundamental principle of veganism: To love, sustain, and heal the earth and its inhabitants. You and I both know that the world is in dire need of change. And while it might not be the only solution to create the compassionate, efficient, and rational world we all desire, veganism is undoubtedly one of the most effective vehicles for that change. At Earth Supply may not have the capital and influence of larger companies, but we stand wholeheartedly behind our products: We source from responsible, WRAP-certified manufacturers All fabrics are PETA-approved & certified cruelty-free Each product & design is custom-made with love Our customer service is sincere, responsive, and always accessible And we are always looking for ways to improve our company. To substantiate our dedication to perpetuating a plant-based lifestyle, we also fully commit to donating 10 cents of every dollar we make to reputable charities who advance sustainable living for people, animals, and the planet. And while our ultimate goal is large, we haven't forgotten why you came here: to find the highest quality, vegan-inspired clothing on the web-- without the fluff and digital baggage found on other online stores. So for you, what that means is simple: No spam No ads No bull Only premium, cruelty-free vegan inspired clothing designed for those who share our spirit for love and compassion. That's it. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or even if you would simply like to know more about our story, contact us (info@earthsupplyclothing.com) or DM us on Instagram @_earthsupply (give us a follow too, we post content every day). - With the utmost love & appreciation Sav & John

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