We have a daily commitment: to improve the sustainability of our company with full respect for the animals, the environment in which they live and the people who live there. For us, doing Moda means being responsible for our actions and honest with our customers. Each collection is carefully studied by our team to ensure the creation of comfortable, beautiful and environmentally friendly and animal-friendly garments. Save the Duck is an ethical and smart company, with an eye to the future, not only to intercept new trends and transform them into avant-garde collections, but above all to travel towards a common goal: to live in a completely animal cruelty free world . For this reason our garments are 100% animal free and do not allow the use of feathers, leather, leather or fur. They are designed to be the perfect travel companions for all globetrotters around the world. Pocketable and comfortable, they are easy to fold into the bag. Perfect to pack for any destination and travel opportunity, adapting perfectly to any season.

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