about the brand Cri de Coeur is a luxury accessories brand established in 2008 by Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow. Named from the French expression that translates literally to "cry from the heart," Cri de Coeur symbolizes our heartfelt desire to change the face of the fashion footwear and accessory markets by providing stylish, contemporary products that are ethically produced from harvest to high-street. The Collection consists of the highest quality vegan materials – including Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics, eco-PU that’s low-VOC, breathable and biodegradable, organic cotton, hemp and reclaimed wood and is committed to choosing vendors who abide by our ideals of earth-friendly manufacturing processes and fair treatment of workers. Perhaps the most exciting emerging fashion designers of the Green movement, Cri de Coeur has the industry talking and is quickly becoming a favorite of downtown starlets who appreciate their signature brand of cruelty-free elegance. Loyal fans include Anne Hathaway, Lake Bell, Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone and Elle Fanning. In the four years since its inception, Cri de Coeur has received high praise including being named one of the top 10 eco-designers in the Huffington Post. Cri de Coeur offers what these girls do best – impeccable design that is cruelty-free from start to finish. mission The choices we make as designers, manufacturers and consumers can have an enormous impact on the lives of animals, humans and our environment. Our mission is to help ethical fashion saturate the future market of retail by exciting a dialogue that will demand that these ideals be met industry-wide – because the planet and its inhabitants depend on it. There is a shift in attitude about how consumers define “style”, with a growing awareness of the increase of pollution, deforestation, global warming, and resource depletion that is rapidly destroying the planet. The simplest way to help reverse these devastating effects is to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This goes beyond the dinner plate. Taking personal responsibility for not only what goes inside our bodies but for what we put on the outside of our bodies is crucial to our survival. This is how Cri de Coeur hopes to help redefine what it means to have “style”. This shift in attitude is palpable, with a growing awareness across the globe. Please join Cri de Coeur in helping to make a difference. the designers Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow are downtown New York designers whose brand includes a women’s collection of shoes and accessories. Moving to New York City on separate paths to pursue the life as artists, their parallel lives, pursuit of sustainable style and love of animals finally brought them together as fashion soulmates. Their collaboration began after their studies at Parson’s New School of Design to provide girls like them a vegan alternative to the leather and wool that permeates the fashion industry. Inspired by the music and art that pulses through the city, Gina and Julie strive to develop unique designs that embrace their ideals of the future of fashion. Arden Wohl is a Renaissance girl: philanthropist, filmmaker, pastry chef, and socially conscious activist, she infuses her every passion with intellect, zeal, and inimitable style. As a true ingénue with distinct personal sense of style, famed for her eccentric fashion choices (and enviable headbands), Arden has played muse to a host of design houses and now the uptown girl with downtown style adds designer to her growing resumé, due to her new collaboration with ethical contemporary accessory line Cri de Coeur. Motivated by a love for high design and a desire to bring environmental awareness to the fashion industry, artists and activists Julie Dicterow and Gina Ferraraccio formed accessory label Cri de Coeur (French for “cry from the heart”) in 2008. The brand quickly shot to pioneer status in the eco-fashion industry, and the duo soon found themselves leading the dialogue on eco-design in the fashion world. Cri de Coeur proudly uses only the most low-impact materials (reclaimed wood, organic hemp, and Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics) to create the most sought-after, cruelty-free accessory line in the world.

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