Ethical Fashion is not an aesthetic. It is a methodology. Brave GentleMan simply applies this method to classic menswear aesthetics. We don't believe animals belong in the fashion production system, or any industrial system for that matter. We believe that people making our clothing and growing, developing or processing our materials deserve respect and dignity through safe conditions and a living wage. We believe that ecosystems should not be destroyed in order to make fashion. We believe that the increasing velocity of "fast-fashion" is one very visible manifestations of a much larger and deeper problem. We don't think Brave GentleMan is a final solution, but it is a means by which to invest in systems that we believe should flourish and ultimately replace more problematic systems. We believe that how products are made supersede any marketed "story". Most of our clothing is made in New York City's historic garment district using things like Brazilian future-wool tweeds and twills made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester, velvety Turkish future-silk made from recycled water bottles. Our footwear and accessories are constructed in Italian future-leather - a durable, supple, weather resistant, hi-tech microfiber that is EU-Ecolabel Certified. Shirts are made with organic cotton. Buttons are made from corozo (tagua nut) and dyes are low-impact. Brave GentleMan's palette of materials is constantly in flux as we grow, as our buying-power and collaborations increase, and as we gain information about new materials that are available. Our goal is to use the highest-peformance materials with stringent aesthetic criteria that meet a set of ethical and environmental standards. We are excited for the day that biofabricated, biosynthetic and cellular agriculture products become available to us. While those are in development, we focus on minimally impactful, vegan, recycled, organic and high-tech sustainable materials.

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