Hello Adventureres! My name is Hannah Davis, Founder of BANGS Shoes -- an adventure inspired footwear company created to make the world a better place. Our slogan: Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs. BANGS Shoes are modeled after simple work boots worn by workers and farmers I discovered while teaching English in China. Our shoes were built to maintain this same classic feel while supporting you on your everyday adventures. The name BANGS comes from the Chinese character for "help", but over time BANGS Shoes has become so much more than footwear for a cause. We are photographers, entrepreneurs, hikers, musicians, painters, graphic designers, baristas, CEOs, bikers, and more. Adventure means something different to each and every member of our community. With a social mission that invests in entrepreneurs around the world and a brand Ambassador Program focused on encouragement and connection, BANGS Shoes has found a way to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries and focus on uplifting people. The BANGS Shoes vision: provide footwear to cultivate a meaningful community with lasting impact. Here's to using your adventures to help others! Excited to keep building. #liveBANGS, Hannah How they're made! BANGS Shoes were created after our founder taught English in China and discovered simple shoes worn by workers and farmers. Inspired by their look and the hard-working people who wear them, we crafted a simple shoe built to carry you from one adventure to the next. Our shoes are responsibly cut, sewn, and stitched inside a highly reputable, family-owned factory in Asia using ZERO animal bi-products. That's right! Our shoes are 100% vegan. Our factory goes above and beyond to treat their employees with care and respect, enforcing fair wages, working hours, and a 1.5 hour lunch. They even recommend a nap during this long lunch break! (SIGN US UP.) We are proud to work with a manufacturing company whose internal culture matches the standards of our own. Watch the #liveBANGS factory experience here!

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