What to Know Before Starting a Sustainable Fashion Company

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Last week was Earth Day and this week is Fashion Revolution Week and.... I haven't really done much for either.

And yes, I feel a tad guilty since I think they are wonderful movements and I totally do support both.

But the truth is every day is focused on the earth and each other here at Bead & Reel. I spend my time working with almost 100 revolutionary brands and writers in my Network, am busily trying to create the most impactful annual fashion show yet (under a fresh new name), and get to share about unique ideas and companies in my blog (like this week's story on Amy Onyx).

Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week are important opportunities to stop and reflect on our lives and our choices. But it's also important to remember that who we are each day, what we do each day, is where we see real changes happen, so don't discount the small, private, uncelebrated things you do in your life (maybe even off social media!) to make the world a better place.

Those are meaningful too.

With love,


What To Know Before Starting A Sustainable Fashion Company:

A Collaboration With Amy Onyx

No matter what you’re making or how you’re making it, creating and continuing a fashion company is hard, hard work. It requires patience, dedication, and resilience (and probably a small-to-medium amount of delusion), but if that doesn’t deter you, here is what you need to know next.

This week I'm sharing my business insights plus a courageous new brand,
Amy Onyx.

This is a sponsored post by Amy Onyx,
though I only work with brands I believe in and only share opinions that are my own.

I had to rediscovery my personal style (and finally give into maternity clothing). Here's my experience with Armoire's online fashion rental service for bodies in any stage of life.


Last week I teamed up with Armoire for an Instagram giveaway of 3 one-month-free memberships for their online fashion rental services.

Congratulations to Michelle, Jade, and Holly on winning, and thank you to everyone who entered!

My always-evolving list of Bead & Reel Approved Brands.

New This Week: Atonement Design


My nonprofit event has a new name and even bigger mission. Join us this November for our 5th year in Los Angeles!


Join almost 100 sustainable brands and content creators in sharing and growing a more compassionate fashion industry together

New Brand: KINdom

“Love who you love while you have them. That’s all you can do. Let them go when you must. If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.”

~ Ann Brashares

"Art is not meant to be created in stolen moments only."

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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