So, what *is* the most sustainable fabric?

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I'm not sure who to accurately attribute it to, but I often think of this quote:

To avoid criticism: say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

Between my social media, blog, and newsletter, I have almost 40,000 people accessing my content per month. I'm really fortunate because the majority of these people are super nice (or, maybe just super quiet), but even if only 1% of them aren't, that means I could have about 400 people per month just outraged at something I've said or posted or done (or, however they interpret what I've said, posted, or done).

No matter what I do it's absolutely unforgivable, at least in someone's mind - and boy do they totally want to make sure I know it.  

This was very hard for me for a long time. I really try to make thoughtful decisions, to live with integrity, to, like, you know, be a reasonably good person. And to have every single word, choice, and aspect of my life regularly criticized, judged, and met with so much vitriol was absolutely exhausting until I realized that I could either let it drain me or I could let it free me. 

Once you realize that when it comes to the opinions of other people everything you do is basically wrong, you may as well let go of trying to be "good" or even "good enough" and simply do what's right, and practical, and possible.

I think a lot of people are feeling this same way, since this week I had my most popular Instagram post ever with a lot of feedback about how much others could relate (but, don't worry, it still totally upset plenty of others ;) ).

So, in case you no one has told you this lately: thank you for trying in all the ways you do. It does make a difference. 

With love,


So, What Is The Most Sustainable Fabric?

There is a lot of debate about what fabrics are considered actually sustainable, which are the best option to choose as a brand and as a shopper, and how to avoid greenwashing when trying to decide what to put on your body.

So, this week I'm giving you all the right answers.

(just kidding)


My always-evolving list of Bead & Reel Approved Brands.

Welcome This Week: Saya Designs


My nonprofit event has a new name and even bigger mission. Save the date: October 26, 2019. Los Angeles!


Join almost 100 sustainable brands and content creators in sharing and growing a more compassionate fashion industry together through the sustainable affiliate network.

Welcome Back For Another Year:
Malia Designs, ROUND + SQUARE, Vegan Club


We all experience pain at some point, both personal and collective. And we can either use it to cause more pain or to create beauty.

I'm getting so excited for this year's event. You can watch my runway introduction speech from last year's fashion show (put together by RioSlum Studio).

"Avoid small talk. Embrace conversation. Buy a plant, water it. Make your bed. Make someone else's bed. Have a smart mouth, and quick wit. Run. Make art. Create. Swim in the ocean. Swim in the rain. Take chances. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Learn. Know your worth. Love fiercely. Forgive quickly. Let go of what doesn't make you happy."

- Paulo Coelho de Souza

Don't go off sightseeing.
The real journey is right here.
The great excursion starts
from exactly where you are.

You are the world.
You have everything you need.
You are the secret.
You are the wide opened.

Don't look for the remedy for your troubles
outside yourself.

You are the medicine.
You are the cure for your own sorrow.

- Jalaluddin Rumi

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